Day #5 Grind Hard, Withdraw, Tilt Hard

Day 5 is really 3 or 4 days of play rolled into one article. So day 5 started off really bad, I couldn’t win for nothing in the world. 2 hours later and 20 chips in the hole. Some how I push past the bad beats, tilting, and finally got my poker game right. It seem like I just couldn’t lose. So I started to move up in stakes once I had around 50 chips. I began playing at the 0.10/0.20 chip table. At first it was great, I was crushing the table like I did at the 0.05/0.10 chip table. Nothing could stop me right? I was holding onto 50 chips at the table and I started with 10 chips.

Then, the unexpected happen. I was deep in a hand I thought I had the nuts. This guy is allin on the river and after calling his bet I had 29 chips left. So what happens? full house vs full house, he wins. I leave the table to think about what happen. I look at my account balance, no big deal im up. I am now holding 69 chips. I hop in a 0.05/0.10 chip table right before dinner. I mean minutes!

So lucky for me there are a few donks at the table. After about 2 or 3 minutes of folding my hands, I finally catch one of the donks for 4 chips. Just in time for dinner. I take a break from poker until the next afternoon, headed out with my father. I open up the sealswithclubs app on my smartphone. Again at the micro stakes tables and less the 15 minutes it took to get where we was going I was up 6 chips. I know not that much but its microstakes. Anyway, I close the app and go about my day.

Once it was night and nothing to do, I’m on SWC once again. I grind the chips up to 96 chips. My only goal is to get 4 more chips before I make a small with withdrawal. I begin to have a hard time at the tables. 10 chips here, 10 chips there. So I make my small withdrawal anyway. It was only 20 chips (or ฿0.02). Then I get this great idea to move up in stakes again but this time I am at the 0.25/0.50 chip table! Yeah, as you can see I have no bankroll management at all. At first, I was crushing it. I thought to myself I should have moved up earlier but then big pot after big pot left me with 1 chips! Now my account has 1 chip in it and I am rethinking my strategy once again. So much for building up a solid bankroll on SWC with nothing more than ฿0.01.

My Bankroll Stats

  • Start Bankroll: ฿0.031
  • Current Bankroll: ฿0.021 (Before withdrawal)
  • Profit/Loses: -฿0.01
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