Tennis Betting – the Ultimate Guide

Tennis is a great sport and betting on tennis can be not only exciting, but fun as well. If you’ve never bet on tennis before, you should take the time to consider how easy and profitable it can be. It is one of the few sports that is based on individual effort and where the players are ranked. These simple factors make betting on tennis easier than you might think.

You can find a lot of places to make your tennis bets online. Regardless of where you make your bet, be sure to make a smart bet. Just like other sports bets, it is never good to go with your gut; it is always better to do your research before you throw your money down on anyone particular player or event.

The great thing about the tennis is that it’s pretty much an all-year sport, so your chances of winning are greatly increased. Even though tennis betting is not very big in the United States as it is in other countries, your ability to prospect good tennis bets is always available thanks to many sources for the avid sportsman, such as magazines, the internet, television, and other forms of multimedia.

Just like other sports, placing bets on tennis makes the matches and tournaments that much more interesting and exciting. What better way to enjoy a sport than to know that you could make out a little better than you were before. Granted, there is always the chance of losing, but that is what tennis betting is all about. We would all love to know we are going to win every bet, but where would the fun be in that?

Betting on the Major Tennis Tournaments

Betting on the major tennis tournaments, as with any sport, is a learned skill and takes a while to understand. You have to study the players; streaks, strengths and weaknesses, injuries, the courts and tournaments, the trends and more. It is more in-depth than you think, but once you get the feel for it, you will see that your winning percentage will increase as will your bank account.

Betting on the Davis Cup

Run by the ITF (International Tennis Federation), the Davis Cup is the most significant team event in tennis. Having started out as a challenge between the United States and Great Britain in 1900, the Davis Cup now features over 134 nations from all over the world. It is currently the largest international team competition in sports. The female equivalent is the Fed Cup.

Grand Slam Betting

Placing bets on the Australian Open: Known for its Rebound Ace Hardcourts, the Australian Open is the first event held every year in January at Melbourne Park. There are two main courts used during this event; the Rod Laver Arena and Hisense Arena. It is optimal for players and fans as both arenas have retractable roofs to prevent delays or rescheduling due to rain and to protect players and fans from extremely hot conditions.

French Open bets: Also known as Roland Garros, the French Open is the second and most anticipated event in this epic series. This grand slam event usually lasts two weeks between mid-May and early-June and is held at the Stade de Roland Garros in Paris. Because of the clay courts, this tournament is considered to be the most gruelling tennis event in the world. It is also one of the most prestigious.

Betting on Wimbledon: Also referred to as “The Championships”, Wimbledon is the oldest and most celebrated tournament in tennis. Known for its strict dress code, Wimbledon is the third event held every year between late-June and early-July at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London, England two weeks after the Queen’s Club Championships. Every year, 128 players, 32 male and female players seeded in the singles events and 64 teams, 16 seeded are featured in the doubles events. There are also senior and junior events. This is the UK’s premier tennis event.

US Open betting: Held for two weeks between late-August and early-September (through Labor Day Weekend), the U.S. Open is the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament. It is held on the acrylic hard courts of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York City. The U.S. Open is the only event in the series that does not utilize the final-set tiebreak. It is also the only event in the series that implements instant replay.

Online Tennis Masters Series Betting

BNP Paribas Open bets online: Also known as the Indian Wells Masters, it is the first event of the TMS. It is held every year in March outside Los Angeles at the 20-court Indian Wells Tennis Garden. The BNP Paribas Open is played on hard courts and is the best attended of the nine events.

Miami Open bets: The Miami Open is the second event of the TMS. It is held every year in March in Key Biscayne, Miami. The Miami Masters is played on hard courts at the Tennis Center at Crandon Park. Because it is considered the most prestigious event in the TMS and sixth most prestigious behind the four Grand Slam events and the Tennis Masters Cup, it has been given the nickname “Fifth Grand Slam”.

Bets on the Monte Carlo Masters: The third event in the TMS, the Monte Carlo Masters is held every year between April and May in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France. The Monte Carlo Masters is played on clay courts at the Monte Carlo Country Club.

Online Madrid Open betting: The fourth event in the TMS, the Madrid Masters event is held every year in Madrid, Spain. The Madrid Open is played on clay courts at the Caja Mágica.

Internazionali BNL d’Italia online bets: Also known as the Rome Masters, it is the fifth event of the TMS. It is held every year in May in Rome, Italy. The Rome Masters is played on clay courts at the Foro Italico. It is considered by many fans to be the second most prestigious clay tennis event in the world, behind the French Open. Rafael Nadal has won the event a record seven times.

Rogers Cup online betting: Also known as the Canada Masters, it is the sixth event in the TMS. It is held at two venues every year between July and August in Montreal, Canada at the Stade Uniprix and Toronto, Canada at the Rexall Centre. The Rogers Cup venues are played on hard courts and alternate between men (odd-numbered years) and women (even-numbered years). It is one of the oldest major tennis events in history, along with Wimbledon and the US Open.

Western & Southern Open tennis betting: Also known as the Cincinnati Masters, it is the seventh event in the TMS and the oldest tennis event in the United States. It is held every year between July and August in the Cincinnati suburb of Mason, Ohio. It is played on three outdoor hardcourts at the Lindner Family Tennis Center.

Shanghai Masters tennis betting: Also known as the Shanghai Rolex Masters, it is the eighth event in the TMS calendar. It is held at the Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena in Shanghai, China, and played on outdoor hardcourts. It is the only Masters event not played in the United States or Europe.

BNP Paribas Masters online tennis bets: Also referred to as the Paris Indoor and considered by many to be the world’s most prestigious indoor tennis tournament, the BNP Paribas Masters is the ninth and final event in the TMS. It is held annually in Paris, France at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy and played on indoor carpet courts. The Tennis Masters Cup wraps up the season following the BNP Paribas Masters.

Masters Cup Online Betting

The Masters Cup is the final event of the season, showcasing the eight top-ranked players in the world in a round-robin tournament, with the last two players competing for title of “World Champion”.


So what are you waiting for? Make those online tennis bets pay off as soon as possible. Get out there and learn as much as you can. Understand the game, learn everything about the players, the courts, the tournaments; especially the major ones like the Grand Slams. Before you know it, you’ll be betting like a pro!

And who better to bet with on the biggest tennis events in the world? A company whose name personifies everybody’s online betting goal – 888 Sport – start betting now!.

Locating the Best Sportsbooks and Betting Sites

Probably the easiest way for you to find a first class sports betting site at which to sign up to will be to take a look though each of our sportsbook reviews. By doing so you will find out what each of those Sportsbooks has to offer you and what makes each of them first class and top rated sites.

However, please also read through the following guide, for by doing so you will be able to find out what makes one sportsbook much more appealing than others, due to what those sites can offer you as one of their customers.

As you are going to be looking for the best odds and also a large range of different betting opportunities you should also consider signing up to more than one sportsbook, for by doing so you will then always have access to more promotional offers and when you spot a sportsbook offering higher odds by already having an account at that site you will be able to lock in those higher valued odds instantly!

Here are some additional features that you should always be demanding from any sportsbook that you are thinking of joining up to as a new customer.

Currency Options – Make sure that the sportsbooks you do sign up to will allow you to make a deposit using your own home currency. If you are only able to fund your sportsbook account using a different currency other than the one in your country of residence, you will be reducing the value of all deposits and withdrawals due to fluctuations in the currency exchange rates!

Full Bet Audit Trail – You will always need to have access to a full audit trail at any sportsbooks you have signed up to. For by having access to an audit trail you can review every single bet you have placed and will know when those bets have been settled.

Rapid Winning Payouts – Winning is what you will be hoping to do each and every single time you place a sports related bet. However, there can be a whole world of difference in regards to just how quickly any sportsbook will pay their winning players once they have requested a withdrawal!

With that in the forefront of your mind select a Sportsbook that will pay you out quickly, and one way you can do that is to have a couple of different withdrawal options on hand so the Sportsbooks can pay you your winnings in the shortest space of time.

Instantly Settled Bets – Whilst the vast majority of sports betting sites always settle winning and losing bets once the result of any sporting event is known there are some that will settle bets manually.

If you place bets at such a time there can often a lengthy delay in your bets being settled and that will mean you have to wait much longer to access any winnings that you have achieved, so look out and sign up to betting sites that automatically settle bets instantly when the result are known!


Benefits of Ante Post Betting Markets

It is often the case that when you have found a sports betting opportunity that you would like to place a wager on, you may leave it until the last minute to place that bet. Whilst that is of course going to pose no problems as you are always able to bet right up until the last few seconds of any sporting event starting, you may be looking for some slightly better odds.

If that is the case consider placing your bets and wagers on any sporting fixture well in advance, as by making use of the Ante Post betting markets you will often find by doing so you can lock in much better odds than you would when placing your bets nearer to any sporting fixtures official starting times.

You are going to be able to place a bet on any type of sporting event well in advance, and in the case of for example golf tournaments, by placing a bet on one or more of the players before the tournament gets underway the odds are going to be way higher when placed in advance than when the tournament starts, more so if you chosen golfer is playing to his best form!

Below we have listed several reasons why placing bets on Ante Post betting opportunities is something every sports bettor should consider doing from time to time, so read on to find out what those benefits are.

Best Odd Guarantees – If you do find a sportsbook offering something known as a best odds guarantee, and this is a type of bet you should seriously consider placing.

When you place a bet via an ante post betting market you will be taking the odds offered on that betting opportunity, however if the odds on your selection moves in such a way before the event starts and the odds end up higher in value than you took then the best odds guarantee will kick in and you will be paid out at those higher odds!

Varied Betting Opportunities – There are not going to be just a small limited number of betting opportunities available to you when you make use of an ante post betting market, for every single type of bet will be listed and you are therefore free to pick and choose which ones to place.

So you will never be making compromises in regards to the bets and wagers you can place on such a betting market!

Hedging Possibilities – By placing a bet on an ante post betting market you will be securing the odds offered well in advance. However, as the odds may reduce in value as the starting time of the sporting event you placed a wager on then that does of course open up a world of hedging betting opportunities.

In fact you could often hedge a bet placed on an ante post betting market in such a way, that no matter what the result of the sporting event you are going to lock in a winning profit!


How to Locate Your Perfect Casino

Making the decision of choosing to play casino games online is going to see you having lots of decisions to make. One of the most important decisions however will be choosing the casino sites at which you will play.

Over the years many casinos have come and gone and there have been many players who have lost of financially when a casino suddenly closes their cyber doors and has vanished into the night.

As a player there are several checks that you will need to make in your quest to find the perfect online casino site at which to play at. It is with that in mind that we have put together this step by step guide to allow you to make an informed decision as to just which casino site you should sign up to and play at.

So please do read through this guide and use it to allow you to make a very well balanced and well throughout judgement call as to just which casinos you do sign up to, as by doing so you will never run the risk of playing at a casino that is going to prove problematic!

Casino Licensing Jurisdiction

One of the most important aspects of you choosing an online casino site at which to play at is the casino you do decide to play at should be fully licensed and regulated.

It is often the case that your country of residence will have their own gaming authority or gaming commission and if so you are strongly advised to stick to playing only at casinos that hold a license in the country where you are based.

By doing so you will have the complete peace of mind in knowing the casino will be adhering to the very highest of industry standards and you will always have the licensing authority or gaming commission available if you do experience any problems that the casino is unable to address to your satisfaction.

Some licensing commissions and gaming authorities license casinos in several different countries for example if you live in Europe you will often find several casino sites that are licensed in Malta or Gibraltar, and as such you will find those casinos are run to the highest standards and as white listed by many countries that are in Europe.

In the US there are now several different US States that license and regulate online casinos however you will have to be living within the State boundaries to be able to sign up and play at those casino sites legally.

If you are ever in any doubt as to whether a casino is fully licensed and regulated then take a look over the casinos website and lookout for links and logos on their licensing authority and double check with the licensing authority’s website to verify those sites are indeed fully licensed.

Gaming Platforms – There are several different gaming platforms that you are going to be able to access and make use of as an online casino game player.

You will find that a fully downloadable gaming platform can be accessed at many online casino sites. The main benefits of opting to utilize such a gaming platform is that you are going to be able to find lots of additional configurable game options at those sites and will often find a much larger range of casinos than on a no download instant play gaming platform.

Another popular and often utilized gaming platform you will come across is a no download gaming platform. In fact we have found more and more players are tending to play at casino offering an instant play gaming platform and the reason being is that many of them now offer casino games form lots of different game designers and suppliers.

Whereas you are going to be restricted to playing games form just one game designer and supplier when you play at a fully downloadable casino, by utilizing an instant play one you will often have a much large range of games on offer form more than one company.

Mobile gaming platforms have also proven to be very popular with players recently. You will find tow main type of mobile gaming platforms, one is a fully downloadable app and one will be a mobile web browser based gaming platform.

One final type of casino gaming platform that you will come across is a live gaming platform. When accessing such a platform you will be playing real live casino games via your computer. You get to watch the games being played via a video stream and can place your best and wagers onto those gaming platforms remotely.

Fair and Random Games – You will never want to have any doubts in regards to the fairness of any casino game you play online. With that in mind you need to ensure the games you are playing have all been certified as being 100% fair and random.

All of the major casino sites have had their games all independently tested and certified as being fair and random and you will find out which company certified those games by checking out the websites of the casinos.

Also many casinos will have signed up to one of the many companies who audit the gaming logs of online casinos, and each month those companies produce a certificate which is displayed on the casino website showing the achieved RTP’s and house edges of all of the game offered at that casino. So be on the lookout for those payout percentage certificates.

Banking Options and Payout Times – There are lots of different banking options that are available to you as a player, however you should always be on the lookout for casinos that are going to be giving you access to a large range of banking methods that are suitable to you.

As a player when you use some banking options you are going to have to pay fees and charges when both making a deposit and when you make a withdrawal, and over time those fees and charges can chip away at your bankroll and your winning payouts.

With that in mind make sure you select a casino at which to play at that will give you access to several deposit options that are free to use or very low cost as that will save you a lot of money over the long term.

One other thing to note, and this is very important, only register as a play and play at casinos that will el you deposit in your own home currency, for if you are forced to play in any other currency you will then have to pay fees for turning your home currency into another when making a deposit and once again if and when you make a withdrawal!

Promotional Offers and Comps – It does not really matter at which casino site you do sign up to and play at in regards to the number and type of bonuses and promotional offer you will have access to.

All casinos regularly give away to both their new players and their loyal players a wide and very varied range of bonuses and comps. However, not every bonus you will be offered is going to be giving you the maximum value!

You will have to develop something of a sixth sense for picking out the best valued casino bonuses and the main way you can spot whether a bonus is worth claiming is by reading through all of the terms and conditions attached to each bonus you are offered.

Never be the type of player who throws caution to the wind and simply signs up and plays at casinos offering enormous bonuses, as those casinos are usually the ones that will make their bonus terms and conditions so tight there is virtually no chance you will ever be in a position to cash anything out when you have claimed on of their bonuses!

Casino Hosts – More and more online and mobile casino sites will know have their own in0house team of casino hosts, and when you sign up as a player one of those hosts will be allocated to you.

It is often going to be the case that you will find you are offered much more generous and tailored bonuses and promotional offers when you play at an online casino site that ahs their own team of casino hosts, so make sure that is one of the things you add to your checklist of wants and demands when choosing a casino at which to play at!

Customer Support Service – One final aspect of selecting a casino site that you will always feel comfortable playing at is you should be looking or a casino offering an around the clock customer support service.

By having someone at hand at any time of the day or night you will always have the peace of mind in knowing if you do experience any problems you will have someone on duty in the casino to address and sort out those problems for you.





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What Types of Soccer Bets Can I Place Online?

Whilst you are always going to be tempted to place a soccer bet on your favourite team to win any match they are playing outright, do also keep in mind that all Sportsbooks are going to be offering you a range of additional betting opportunities on every single soccer match.

With that in mind below we have listed some of the more popular additional soccer bets and wagers that are going to be offered to you, and some of these bets will offer much more generous odds than a standard win type of soccer bet.

Half Time Full Time – You will be able to try and predict whether any soccer match will be a home, away or draw at half time and then again at the end of the game. A half time full time bet will always offer much higher odds than an outright win bet and may be worth placing when you preferred team has very low win odds available on it!

First Player to Score – As a soccer fan there will always be some players you respect and enjoy watching when they take to the soccer pitch. If you are convinced that any one player is going to be the first player to score you will be able to take odds on him doing so!

Total Number of Corners – One novelty type of bet which may be worth having a small wager placed on them are the total number of corners awarded bets.

You simply have to guess how many corners one of the teams or both teams combined will be awarded during any one match and if you predict the number of corners awarded you will be in the money, as the odds available on these types of soccer bets can be quite high, depending on just how many corners you do predict will be awarded!

Last Player to Score – Much like the above first player to score bet you will also be able to pick out any one player, playing or any team that you think will be the last one to score in any scheduled soccer match.

These types of bets are exciting to place and the rewards on offer via high valued odds can be very appealing, probably more so if you pick a player least likely to score the last goal and then he manages to do so!

Correct Score Betting – Every single soccer match scheduled to be played is going to end in one score, whether that will be a 0 – 0 score or a 2 – 1 of one of the huge number of other possible score.

If you are looking for a range of betting opportunities that always have some very appealing odds attached to them then do consider placing a correct score bet. All of our featured sports betting sites offer these types of wagering opportunities and the odds you will be offered are not going to fluctuate no matter what the volume of cash placed on them are!



How Much Should I Deposit at an Online Casino?

You are of course going to be faced with many decisions when you choose to start playing at an online casino. One of those decisions will be how much you should deposit.

However, whilst most players may have in mind a maximum amount they will deposit into one casino site when they fancy playing any casino game, you do not necessarily have to deposit your entire set aside bankroll into you chosen casino.

You should of course always play sensibly and play within your limits, but even if you have say 100.00 set aside to play casino games do not be tempted to deposit the whole amount all at once!

Below we are going to enlighten you on some different ways that you can get the maximum playing value from your gambling bankroll by making use of casino bonuses and promotional offers that all casino sites are going to be offering you as a player.

Often it can be beneficial for you to split your available bankroll into two halves, and only claim a bonus on one of those two deposits, as by doing so the casino will realise you are happy to play with your own funds half of the time and will often put together some much more generous bonuses when you do decide to make use of their bonuses.

So please read on as you will be surprised at just how much additional fun and entertainment and more importantly how many winning chances you will have by wisely choosing how much to make as a deposit into any casino site!

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and all manner of different casino offers are often going to tempt you to make a deposit into a casino, and as a player you need to work out which bonuses are going to be worth claiming and just how much you should deposit to be able to make use of them and claim them.

However, keep in mind that when you do claim a bonus you are always going to be tied into lots of rules in regards to how you can utilize the bonus credits.

You will have play through requirements to contend with, often you may be restricted to the types of game you can play and also you may be limited to how much you can cash out via cash out limits and you may find you are limited to how much you can play each game for too.

It may be the case you are going to be better off not claiming bonuses as by doing so you will be free to cash out at any time and will have much more options to play the games you wish to play and for the stake levels you want to play those games for.

If you do wish to make a deposit and claim one of the many different bonuses that are available to you, then below is an overview of the type of bonuses you can claim and also information on what makes one bonus much more generous than another.

Deposit Method Bonuses – Some casinos are going to add a small deposit into your casino account when you have opted to make a deposit into your casino account using one of their preferred banking methods.

For example if you make a deposit using a web wallet such as Neteller you will often find a casino will drop into your account a bonus for doing so worth around 5 to 15 percent of your deposited amount.

The only downside of accepting such a bonus is that you entire deposit will then be subject to the play through requirements attached to that bonus and as such do think long and hard as to whether that small valued bonus is worth utilizing. If not always remember that by contacting the casinos customer support team they will be able to remove that bonus from your account.

Match and Reload Bonuses – By far and away the best playing value you are going to get as a real money casino player is by claiming a deposit match bonus from the casinos you have chosen to sign up to and play at as a real money player.

Only consider using such bonuses if they are going to give you access to a large amount of bonus credits, whilst you will find most new player deposit match bonuses are structured as at least 100% deposit match bonuses quite a number of reload bonuses are structured as 25  to 50 percent deposit match bonuses.

There terms and conditions of every bonus is where you will discover the true value of any bonus you can claim, and the general rule of thumb is that you should be looking for a bonus with the lowest amount of play through requirement attached to it and one that has no maximum cash out limits in place on it.

Discretionary Bonuses – One way that you will find is a great way of lowering the element of risk when using casino bonuses is to never accept a deposit match or reload bonus and instead play with your own funds.

If you then have a couple of losing sessions ask the customer support team or your casino host if they are prepared to give you a discretionary bonus. By being credited with such a bonus you are then not going to be tying up your own real money deposited funds into a series of terms and conditions!

Playing Without a Bankroll

There will always come a time as a real money casino game player when you do not have a bankroll, you may have spent up your allocated bankroll and not have access to spare funds for a number of days.

However, even though you may not have any cash at hand to play casino games online with, there are still some ways that you can play for free and win real money. Below is a range of different ways that you can do just that, so read on as you can often play for free and end up winning real money when utilizing any of the following methods!

Slot Tournaments – Many casinos will have slot tournaments on offer, and whilst many sites will charge small entry fee to players wising to take part in those slot playing contests many sites additionally offer a range of freeroll slot tournaments.

So if you do ever find yourself short of a gambling bankroll then make sure you register to take part in as many freeroll slot tournaments as you possibly can. As these tournaments are free to enter but often offer real money prizes, the more of them you enter the most chance you will have of winning something from them!

Comp Points – Many casino sites will have their own unique comp and loyalty club in place, and as such when you concentrate your real money playing efforts at just one casino site you will tend to earn quite a number of comp points.

What most players will tend to do is to allow their comp points to accumulate and will then only access them and redeem them for playing credits when they have exhausted their bankroll.

So always keep in mind that when playing casino games online in a real money playing environment you should ideally be playing at a casino site that has a generous comp club on offer, so compare each casinos comp club when looking around for a casino site to play at and sign up to the one that is going to reward your gaming action with the highest number of redeemable comp points!

No Deposit Promotions – If you have spent up your gambling bankroll be aware that many casino sites often give away to newly registered players a range of no deposit required promotional offers.

You will find quite a number of casino sites will give you access to a no deposit required bonus when you sign up as a new player.

Whilst the value of those no deposit bonuses may only be small and even though they often come with lots of terms and conditions by utilizing several of them there may come a point when you have cleared the play through requirements and will be able to withdraw your winnings.

One of the most recently launched type of no deposit promotions which is going to appeal to slot players in particular is the free slot spins promotions offered by many online casino sites. By registering at one of those sites offering free slot spins when you log into your newly opened casino account or the first time a set of spins will be credited on one of that casinos slot games for you.

You are then tasked with playing off those free spins and any winnings you achieve will either be yours to keep as real money funds, or will be given to you as bonus credits which can be turned into real money credits once you play those winnings through a certain number of times.


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New In-Play Betting Markets

Online Sportsbooks are always evolving their betting platforms, and one of the new ways that you are going to be able to place any type of sports bet online or via a mobile betting platform is by making use of something known as an in play betting market.

When you utilize such a betting platform it will not become available to you until the chosen betting event or sporting fixture actually starts.

As the sporting event gets underway the odds available on a very wide range of different betting opportunities will constantly change as different things happen in that event!

Take for example a horse race, you are going to be able to place a bet on the winner of that race up until the final furlong or even right up to the winning post, and as such depending on how each horse is performing as the race unfolds and its current positions that horses respective odds will change during that race.

Below are several benefits and advantages of using one of the in-play betting markets that are available at most of our featured and top rated sports books and betting sites, so do read on to find out more.

Hedging Your Bets – Many sports bettors are always going to be on the lookout for ways to place best on both sides of any betting opportunities that will guarantee them a winning payout.

Whilst that is something that takes patience and often a lot of skill, by placing bets on an in play betting market and securing generous odds many sports bettors are using those in play betting markets to hedge bets placed before the sporting event started.

So do consider doing the same as there may often come a time when you can hedge bets placed before the off to guarantee a winning payout.

Better Betting Value – It can often be the case that a set of odds on many different sporting events are going to be affected by the volume of wagers placed on one of the betting opportunities available on those sporting events in the run up to them starting.

However, as soon as an in play betting market goes live those markets are fresh meaning no bets will have already been placed on the betting opportunities listed, and as such if you are quick you can often secure much better odds!

Multiple Betting Opportunities – One final aspect of using an in play betting platform is that you are never going to be forced to make compromises in regards to the number and type of bets and wagers you can place on them.

It is often the case that there are going to be just as many betting opportunities available to you on an in play betting market and betting platform as will be available to you if you place your bets in the standard way before a sporting fixture begins. So do keep that in mind too as the more choice you have in regards to the bets you place the better.

What Casino Games Should I Play Online?

Once you get the urge to start playing casino games online you are going to be overwhelmed by the sheer range and variety of games you will have access to at all casino sites.

Having plenty of choice in regards to just which games you sit down to play in a real money playing environment is actually not a bad thing! For you will be able to pick out the games that are best suited to you and you gaming budget but more importantly can select to play the games offering you the best winning chances!

However, as a first time casino game player or one who has only tended to play one particular type of game you do need to know which are going to be the best game variants to play. If you are a Blackjack player for example you will often find lots of different variants available to you, and not all of them are going to give you the maximum chances of winning.

In fact Video Poker and Slot players are also going to be faced with often hundreds of different game variants to play, and as such you need to know what to look out for in regards to the design of any game you play as to which are going to be the ones that will give you the most winning opportunities.

With that in mind in the following casino game guide we are going to be highlighting below lots of different casino game categories and will be letting you know just which games in those categories are going to be giving you the maximum winning opportunities and a much more rounded gaming experience.

The Best Casino Games to Play Online

Many casino games are designed in such a way that there is an element of skill involved in playing those games to increase your winning chances, whilst when playing some casino games it is down to luck and luck alone as to whether you are going to win when playing those games.

Please have a good look through the following casino game categories for we will let you know which casino games should be the ones you sit down to play and also the games which require you to learn how to play them optimally to increase your winning chances.

Blackjack Game Variants – You will have access to single hand, multi hand and even progressive Blackjack game variants at many online casino sites. In fact most casinos now have an additional range of live Blackjack games and also variants on which one or more bonus bets can be placed offering players a range of bonus payouts.

There is one rule that any experienced online Blackjack player will have in place and that is he or she will only ever play the Blackjack games offering the lowest house edge and will ensure they play off every single hand dealt out to them optimally.

As a player you will have to follow their lead, and as such stick to playing variants with the lowest house edge and also learn how to play off every hand dealt out to you. By getting a Blackjack strategy card for the lowest house edge variant that card will show you how to play off each hand optimally, so make sure you locate one and always use it!

Video Poker Games – With many Video Poker games offering optimal strategy players payout percentages in excess of 99% you are going to find it very hard to find many other casino card games which come with such high payout percentages.

Whist you will find lots of different variants of these games on offer at most casino sites, you should make an effort to find out just what is the long term expected RTP of each variant on offer. That information can usually be found by clicking on the games help files or by looking over the casinos website.

By placing maximum bet hands and also knowing just which cards to hold and which cards to discard once your initial hand of cards has been dealt out to you, over time you will be achieving the expected RTP on those games.

One tip for never making any game playing errors when playing Video Poker games is to make sure that when you launch the best paying variant you click onto the option setting for that game and activate the auto hold feature.

By doing so whenever your initial five card hand is dealt out to you the auto hold feature will automatically hold the best cards for you.

Slot Games and Slot Machines – It you were to play every single slot game available to you online, you could quite easily spend weeks playing them all! There are thousands of different types of slots on offer and knowing which ones are going to be the best ones to play is actually easier than you may have thought.

As long as you always remember that at the end of the day it is the long term certified payout percentage attached to any slot game you come across that will make that slot or those slots playable then be sticking to playing the higher paying games by virtue of their high RTP’s you will not go far wrong!

Many casinos are now required by law to display the payout percentage of their slot game on their website, so that information should be what you will be tracking down first and foremost when you want to have a real money slot playing session.

Some of the older more classical three reel slots you will find on offer at many online casinos are going to be giving you a range of different staking options, and when playing those slots on which one single payline is on offer on which you can play more than one coin per spin you need to check the pay table to see if there is an enhanced jackpot payout for maximum coin spins.

If so then placing maximum coins spins to take advantage of both that enhanced jackpot payout and the maximum payout percentage possible on those slot games. Playing video slots on which bonus games are triggered by bonus symbols forming on activated paylines will mean that if you play maximum line spins you will always have the most chances of trigger than games bonus rounds!

Roulette Game Variants – You will find single zero roulette games, double zero roulette games and also plenty of additional variants which offer bonus betting opportunities and even progressive jackpots.

However, as a fan of playing roulette you will need to discover which variant offers the very lowest house edge, as the many different variants available do have varying house edges. The very best roulette game you can play if it is only ever going to be the even money paying betting opportunities you place on the roulette tables betting layout is the French Roulette game.

That variant will have a rule in place which state that when a zero is spun in all players who have placed any even money paying bet will get either 50% of those losing wagers paid back to them, or those losing even money paying bets will stay in place on the betting layout for the next spin.

The house edge of French Roulette in regards to the even money paying bets is 1.35%, and the other betting opportunities all have a house edge of 2.70% which for reference is way lower than the house edge found on the double zero American Roulette game variant which is 5.26%!

Progressive Casino Games – One final category of casino games which you will often find you are attracted to playing are of course the games on which you could win a huge progressive jackpot.

There are both pros and cons of you opting to play any progressive jackpot awarding games offered at any casino site. One of the downsides of playing such games is that every time you make a wager whether on a spin on the reels when playing progressive slot games or on a hand of playing cards when playing progressive card game is that a small amount of your stakes are being fed into the jackpot pool.

Therefore on the actual base game of progressive games you will often find the payout percentage is quite low. The size of the progressive jackpots also needs taking into account, for you are going to be much better of playing a progressive casino game that has a jackpot which is in excess of the average amount awarded by that jackpot.

However, if you do fancy playing progressive games the very best one you can play are progressive jackpot slot games on which there are several jackpots on offer and which are awarded at random to players.

For it is those slot games which can and will award more progressive jackpots to players and when playing most of them you will have a chance of winning one of the jackpots no matter how much you wager, so you will not be forced to have to play for maximum stakes.


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Tips for Finding the Best Betting Odds

As a regular sports bettor the one thing you will always be on the lookout for is the best odds available on whatever sporting event you are looking to place a bet on.

Whilst many sport bettors will make the mistake of just accepting the odds being offered at one single Sportsbook or Bookmakers site, to guarantee that you will be able to secure and get the best odds available you have to become something of a savvy shopper.

By shopping around and comparing several different Sportsbooks betting odds you will often find there can be a lot of differences in the odds being offered on various different sports betting opportunities. So when you next fancy playing any type of bet online always spend a little time hunting around as by doing so you can then always make use of and take the best odds available.

Below are a few additional ways that you can look in a lot of extra betting value and ways to be guaranteed of finding the best odds available on absolutely any type of sporting event you wish to place a bet on.

Comparison Sites – One way that you are instantly going to be able to spot the best odds on offer on absolutely any sports betting opportunity that is of interest to you is by making use of an odds comparison site.

Simply by visiting such a site, which incidentally are completely free to use you will be bale to look up the sporting event that is of interest to you and then view all of the leading sportsbooks and see the odds they are currently offering.

Unique SportsBook Promotions – Another way you can lock in additional betting value is by hunting around for additional promotional offers. Obviously you will be able to make use of deposit match type bonuses when you joining any sportsbook and also might be able to claim free  bets when you place an initial bet when you sign up to any sportsbook, but there are lots of ongoing bonuses too.

Keep in mind that if you do tend to remain loyal to one or just a small number of sports betting sites you will find those sites want to keep you are a customer and will offer you a range of ongoing and often tailored promotional offers.

Consolations Betting Opportunities – Often you will be offered a consolation bet when placing some sports bets at certain times at quite a number of different Sportsbooks.

You will for example find that if you place a correct score bet on a soccer match and something highlighted happens during that game and your bet is a losing one the consolation bonus part of that bet will kick in and you may get your stakes returned even though the bet lost.

There are hundreds of different types of consolation bets and bonuses available and as such we would advise you to do some research and find out how they work and just which sportsbooks have them available.


Does a Winning Casino Strategy Exist?

You will often see on many online casinos websites a list of those sites most recent winning players, you will see several players’ usernames scrolling around on the winners list, the amount of cash they won and also what casino game that player was playing when they won big.

One thing you will often notice is that it always seems to be the same player or players who are winning big and this may get you thinking if there is any type of casino strategy that those players are using that enables them to win on apparently whatever game they choose to play.

You need to understand that every single casino game you come across online is of course completely random, and as such you have just as much chance of winning as any other player does. However, when you see one players name on a casinos winner list that player will be playing or high stake amounts and not necessarily winning on every game they have chosen to play.

Everything is relevant in regards to playing and winning or losing when playing any casino game, and if a player is high rolling then they are bound to win some much larger payouts that a low stake player ever will.

Just keep in mind those winning players whose username you will see scrolling around a casino winners list are not winning on every game they play and will be losing large amounts of cash as well!

The only way you are going to be able to have many more winning sessions that you currently have is for you to put into play a well-balanced money management system and also at the same time have in play a strategy that calls of you to play the better paying casino games.

Please take time out to check out our Guide to Casino Money Management as by doing so that will give you an insight in regards to how you should pre-plan your next gaming session, in regards to the stake levels you play for and how to put into place a winning goal and stop loss limit.

However, not only are you going to need to have a solid and sound money management system in place when playing any casino games for real money you will also need to know how to play each game optimally whilst also knowing which games have the lowest house edges and the high payout percentages.

House Edges and Payout Percentages

Every single casino game you will come across online will have been designed to make the casino a profit over the long term. When playing casino card and table games each of those games you can access and play will have something known as a house edge attached to it.

The house edge is presented as a percentage of stakes wagered on that game that the casino is expected to make over the long term. Take for example European Roulette, when playing that game due to its design and the winning payouts its house edge works out as 2.70%. So for every 100.00 wagered on that game the casino, over the long term is expected to make 2.70 as its profit.

Slot games and video poker games have a certified payout percentage listed somewhere on those games, you will often find this information on the game help files of those games of the expected long term payout percentages will be displayed somewhere on the casinos website.

The payout percentage is the amount of cash that a player will be paid out as winning payouts based on the stakes they are playing for over the long term. So for example if you are playing a slot game on which a payout percentage of 95% can be found then for every 100.00 you wager over the long term you should get 95.00 back as winning payouts.

However, be aware that as each casino game you can play will be completely random the house edge and payout percentages are going to be fluctuating very wildly during any gambling session you have playing your chosen casino game.

There will be time you are winning much more than you had expected or conversely losing more than you had hoped for as per the house edge or payout percentage of your chosen game.

The one rule of thumb that every real money casino game player should be sticking to is that they should always track down the house edge and payout percentage information at any casino site they choose to play at and only ever play the games which offer the very lowest house edge and the very highest payout percentages.

Highest Paying Casino Games

You will also need to learn how to play some casino games optimally, as games such as Blackjack and Video Poker for example do have an element of skill attached to them. By playing off each hand dealt out to you perfectly you will be playing that game optimally and overtime will achieve the expected payout percentages and house edges on those games and will not be making any costly playing errors.

Below we have highlighted several different casino game categories and will give you an insight into what games in those categories you should be looking to play and how to avoid making any costly game playing errors.

Slot Games – The are going to be thousands upon thousands of different slot game that you are going o be able to play online, and the only way you are going to have an increased chance of winning and also having a much longer slot playing session is by tracking down the payout percentage information on the slots offered at any online casino site.

The payout percentages can and do vary quite dramatically from slot game to slot game and with that in mind never play any slots with RTP’s lower that 98%. With so many different slot game on offer you are not going to have any problems locating plenty of fun to play slots on which the payout percentages will be 98% or even higher.

If you are playing some the older classic slot games on which there is a single payline but slots offering you he ability of playing more than one coin per spin on that single payline, always look at the pay table to see if there is an enhanced payout for maximum on spins, and if so always play those slots with the maximum number of coins permitted in play.

Video Poker Games – It is always the pay table that is going to determine the exact long term expected payout percentage found on any Video Poker game variant.

Any Video Poker game boasting a payout percentage of higher than 99% is worth playing but be fully aware that there is often an enhanced payout when you play maximum coin hands in regards to the Royal Flush hands payout.

So you should always splay for maximum coins, and to avoid making any playing errors make sure the variant you are playing has an auto hold feature and if so activate it before you play.

Blackjack Games – There are a large number of Blackjack game variants online and with that in mind always make sure you check through the game play rules and find out what the house edge is on any variant that you are thinking of playing.

Bets you should not place when playing any Blackjack game include the Insurance wager which comes with a massive house edge, so never place the bet when it is offered to you. Also look out for and avoid playing Blackjack games that pay out at odds of 6 to 5 for a winning Blackjack hand as opposed to the much higher payout of 3 to 2.

Progressive Games – Progressive jackpot paying casino games are usually best left well alone, for the house edges on those games are often huge and as a percentage of your stakes are being fed into the jackpot pool to pools the base game payout percentage will be very low.

If you do get the urge to play any type of progressives casino game only play them when the jackpot or jackpots is higher than they usually rise to as that will mean those jackpots are overdue and may just be amount to be won.

Roulette Games – The variants you should avoid playing when it is Roulette you wish to play are those variants on which there is more than one zero on the wheel and any game on which you can place a series of bonus bets and wagers.

The lowest house edge Roulette game available online is French Roulette, all of the betting propositions on that variant have a house edge of 2.70% with the exception of the even money paying betting propositions which have a house edge of 1.35%.

That is due to the fact when a zero spins in your even money paying bets are either locked onto the betting layout for the next spin or you get half of those stakes paid back to you.



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