What Casino Games Should I Play Online?

Once you get the urge to start playing casino games online you are going to be overwhelmed by the sheer range and variety of games you will have access to at all casino sites.

Having plenty of choice in regards to just which games you sit down to play in a real money playing environment is actually not a bad thing! For you will be able to pick out the games that are best suited to you and you gaming budget but more importantly can select to play the games offering you the best winning chances!

However, as a first time casino game player or one who has only tended to play one particular type of game you do need to know which are going to be the best game variants to play. If you are a Blackjack player for example you will often find lots of different variants available to you, and not all of them are going to give you the maximum chances of winning.

In fact Video Poker and Slot players are also going to be faced with often hundreds of different game variants to play, and as such you need to know what to look out for in regards to the design of any game you play as to which are going to be the ones that will give you the most winning opportunities.

With that in mind in the following casino game guide we are going to be highlighting below lots of different casino game categories and will be letting you know just which games in those categories are going to be giving you the maximum winning opportunities and a much more rounded gaming experience.

The Best Casino Games to Play Online

Many casino games are designed in such a way that there is an element of skill involved in playing those games to increase your winning chances, whilst when playing some casino games it is down to luck and luck alone as to whether you are going to win when playing those games.

Please have a good look through the following casino game categories for we will let you know which casino games should be the ones you sit down to play and also the games which require you to learn how to play them optimally to increase your winning chances.

Blackjack Game Variants – You will have access to single hand, multi hand and even progressive Blackjack game variants at many online casino sites. In fact most casinos now have an additional range of live Blackjack games and also variants on which one or more bonus bets can be placed offering players a range of bonus payouts.

There is one rule that any experienced online Blackjack player will have in place and that is he or she will only ever play the Blackjack games offering the lowest house edge and will ensure they play off every single hand dealt out to them optimally.

As a player you will have to follow their lead, and as such stick to playing variants with the lowest house edge and also learn how to play off every hand dealt out to you. By getting a Blackjack strategy card for the lowest house edge variant that card will show you how to play off each hand optimally, so make sure you locate one and always use it!

Video Poker Games – With many Video Poker games offering optimal strategy players payout percentages in excess of 99% you are going to find it very hard to find many other casino card games which come with such high payout percentages.

Whist you will find lots of different variants of these games on offer at most casino sites, you should make an effort to find out just what is the long term expected RTP of each variant on offer. That information can usually be found by clicking on the games help files or by looking over the casinos website.

By placing maximum bet hands and also knowing just which cards to hold and which cards to discard once your initial hand of cards has been dealt out to you, over time you will be achieving the expected RTP on those games.

One tip for never making any game playing errors when playing Video Poker games is to make sure that when you launch the best paying variant you click onto the option setting for that game and activate the auto hold feature.

By doing so whenever your initial five card hand is dealt out to you the auto hold feature will automatically hold the best cards for you.

Slot Games and Slot Machines – It you were to play every single slot game available to you online, you could quite easily spend weeks playing them all! There are thousands of different types of slots on offer and knowing which ones are going to be the best ones to play is actually easier than you may have thought.

As long as you always remember that at the end of the day it is the long term certified payout percentage attached to any slot game you come across that will make that slot or those slots playable then be sticking to playing the higher paying games by virtue of their high RTP’s you will not go far wrong!

Many casinos are now required by law to display the payout percentage of their slot game on their website, so that information should be what you will be tracking down first and foremost when you want to have a real money slot playing session.

Some of the older more classical three reel slots you will find on offer at many online casinos are going to be giving you a range of different staking options, and when playing those slots on which one single payline is on offer on which you can play more than one coin per spin you need to check the pay table to see if there is an enhanced jackpot payout for maximum coin spins.

If so then placing maximum coins spins to take advantage of both that enhanced jackpot payout and the maximum payout percentage possible on those slot games. Playing video slots on which bonus games are triggered by bonus symbols forming on activated paylines will mean that if you play maximum line spins you will always have the most chances of trigger than games bonus rounds!

Roulette Game Variants – You will find single zero roulette games, double zero roulette games and also plenty of additional variants which offer bonus betting opportunities and even progressive jackpots.

However, as a fan of playing roulette you will need to discover which variant offers the very lowest house edge, as the many different variants available do have varying house edges. The very best roulette game you can play if it is only ever going to be the even money paying betting opportunities you place on the roulette tables betting layout is the French Roulette game.

That variant will have a rule in place which state that when a zero is spun in all players who have placed any even money paying bet will get either 50% of those losing wagers paid back to them, or those losing even money paying bets will stay in place on the betting layout for the next spin.

The house edge of French Roulette in regards to the even money paying bets is 1.35%, and the other betting opportunities all have a house edge of 2.70% which for reference is way lower than the house edge found on the double zero American Roulette game variant which is 5.26%!

Progressive Casino Games – One final category of casino games which you will often find you are attracted to playing are of course the games on which you could win a huge progressive jackpot.

There are both pros and cons of you opting to play any progressive jackpot awarding games offered at any casino site. One of the downsides of playing such games is that every time you make a wager whether on a spin on the reels when playing progressive slot games or on a hand of playing cards when playing progressive card game is that a small amount of your stakes are being fed into the jackpot pool.

Therefore on the actual base game of progressive games you will often find the payout percentage is quite low. The size of the progressive jackpots also needs taking into account, for you are going to be much better of playing a progressive casino game that has a jackpot which is in excess of the average amount awarded by that jackpot.

However, if you do fancy playing progressive games the very best one you can play are progressive jackpot slot games on which there are several jackpots on offer and which are awarded at random to players.

For it is those slot games which can and will award more progressive jackpots to players and when playing most of them you will have a chance of winning one of the jackpots no matter how much you wager, so you will not be forced to have to play for maximum stakes.