Guide to Casino Money Management

The aim of every casino game player is to have as much fun and entertainment as they can with their gaming budget as is possible, whilst also hoping to end any gambling session in profit.

There are of course lots of gambling systems and casino game playing strategies, however the only real way that a player can regularly end any gambling session in profit if is they have a well thought out casino money management system.

With that in mind we have compiled the following guide to help you understand how to put together you own money management system. There are two parts to most if not all money management systems and these include having a winning goal and also having a stop loss limit.

Below you will find a complete overview along with a step by step guide as to how you can put together you own system and gaming strategy when playing any type of casino game.

Please therefore read on and make a note of everything we are about to tell you, as by doing so you will become something of a much more structured gambler and one who will know when to stop playing at exactly the right time.

Winning Goal and Unit Stakes

One of the most important factors of any well balanced and well designed money management system is your actual gambling budget. You should always set aside an amount of cash on any gambling session you have playing any type of casino game, which is an amount of cash you are prepared to lose.

Once you have set aside a gambling bankroll you then need to use a unit stake which you are going to be playing your chosen casino games for. The amount of cash you wager on each hand of cards, spin of the roulette wheel or slot reels or the roll of the dice will be determine by the element of risk you want to have playing your chosen game.

Slot Game Unit Stake – As the vast majority of slot games you are likely to play at any casino site will be video slots, that means that there will often be one or more bonus games which can be triggered when playing those games.

On average the number of base game spins that a player has to play off before a bonus game will trigger is 150 spins. With that in mind and to give you a very reasonable chance of triggering the bonus game on your chosen slot, which is the most exciting and often one of the better paying aspects of a slot game, you should try and get at least 150 spins from your bankroll.

When choosing just how much to wager per spin simply divide up your bankroll by 150 and use that as you unit stake per spin. So for example if you have 150.00 set aside to play slot games with simply play off each spin for around 1.00 per spin.

Card and Table Game Unit Stake – Playing casino card games such as Blackjack or Roulette will call for a slightly different unit stake level. As these types of casino game play at a much slowly pace that slot games you may prefer to play them for slightly higher stake amounts.

Moots casino card and table players will aim to play 5 to 10 percent of their available bankroll per hand of cards player or on each spin of the wheel. So if you do have as in our example above, a bankroll of 150.00 then you should be looking to play for stake levels of 7.50 to 15.00 per hand or spin of the roulette wheel or roll of the dice when playing games such as Craps.

Video Poker Unit Stake – Video Poker games tend to be some of the highest paying games found in casinos, due to their very high payout percentages. Therefore you are likely to get lots of winning hand combinations being dealt out to you when playing any variant.

The unit stake level you should put into play per hand you play off on any video poker game is of course up to you, however for a fair chance of winning a unit stake level of around 5% of your available gaming bankroll may be suitable.

That means if you have set aside 150.00 to play any video poker games with then you should configure the video poker game to play off each hand for stakes of around 7.50.

Winning Goal – You will need to have in the back of your mind an amount of cash you will be happy to win when playing absolutely any casino game in a real money playing environment.

When you reach that amount through a series of winning outcomes on your chosen casino game you should stop playing and lock in that profit.

The lower your expected winning goal is the more chances you will have of reaching that goal. So if you aim to increase your starting bankroll by let’s say 50% of its value you will often find you reach that point in many gaming sessions quite quickly.

So when you do sit down to play any real money casino games aim to increase your bankroll by half of its value, so for example if you start to play with 150.00 if you reach the point where your bankroll has grown to 225.00 then stop playing and chalk that session down as a winning one.

However, you can of course chosen any amount you like as your winning goal, however the higher the amount of cash you aim to win the harder it will be to reach that amount, and the fewer winning gaming session you will have.

Stop Loss Limit

One thing that is not going to happen when you play your chosen casino game is that you are going to win on every session you have playing that game. When you finally come to the conclusion you are going to having both winning and losing sessions then you will become a much more informed player.

With that in mind in addition to you having a winning goal in mind on any casino game playing session you have you should also have a stop loss limit.

This is an amount of cash that you are prepared to lose when playing any casino game. It is important to understand that your stop loss limit, which is the point in time when you stop playing and does not mean that you should be prepared to lose your entire set aside gambling bankroll!

In out examples above we have used a bankroll of 150 and once again we will use that figure as the basis for your stop loss limit. However, you will have your own gambling bankroll so just use the amount you have chosen as you gambling budget to arrive at your stop loss limit as described below.

It can be a gut wrenching experience when you have had a losing session and you have lost your entire bankroll on any gaming session. It is with that in mind you should only be prepared to lose a percentage of your set aside bankroll, and always leave the session with something left in your online casino account balance or in your pocket when visiting a land based casino.

As such we would suggest that when you do want to have a good and well thought-out money management system in play you aim to stop playing when you bankroll has dwindled down through a series of losing outcomes by 50 to 75 percent of its value.

So if you had 150.00 at the start of your gaming session and you reach a point where you are losing and have lost 75.00 to 112.50 then you should end that session and leave with something still in your pocket or in your casino account balance.

That will then mean you have at least something left in your gambling bankroll when you next fancy playing and will not be kicking yourself having lost everything you had set aside to play with.

Casino Bonuses and Comps

Another aspect to having a well designed and well throughout money management system is to make use of fair and reasonable casino bonus offers and also make sure the casino you are playing at is awarding you comp and loyalty points based on your level of play.

By making use of for example deposit match bonus you can often massively increase the value of your bankroll, however you do need to make sure the terms and conditions of the bonuses you do make use of are fair and reasonable.

Look out for bonuses which give you a bonus of around 100% of your deposit amount when playing at an online casino site and also those bonuses which have a low play through requirement attached to them.

As comp clubs and loyalty schemes do tend to vary from casino to casino be prepared to shop around and compare what each casino has on offer via their respective comp and loyalty clubs and stick to player those that give you the maximum rewards.