Does a Winning Casino Strategy Exist?

You will often see on many online casinos websites a list of those sites most recent winning players, you will see several players’ usernames scrolling around on the winners list, the amount of cash they won and also what casino game that player was playing when they won big.

One thing you will often notice is that it always seems to be the same player or players who are winning big and this may get you thinking if there is any type of casino strategy that those players are using that enables them to win on apparently whatever game they choose to play.

You need to understand that every single casino game you come across online is of course completely random, and as such you have just as much chance of winning as any other player does. However, when you see one players name on a casinos winner list that player will be playing or high stake amounts and not necessarily winning on every game they have chosen to play.

Everything is relevant in regards to playing and winning or losing when playing any casino game, and if a player is high rolling then they are bound to win some much larger payouts that a low stake player ever will.

Just keep in mind those winning players whose username you will see scrolling around a casino winners list are not winning on every game they play and will be losing large amounts of cash as well!

The only way you are going to be able to have many more winning sessions that you currently have is for you to put into play a well-balanced money management system and also at the same time have in play a strategy that calls of you to play the better paying casino games.

Please take time out to check out our Guide to Casino Money Management as by doing so that will give you an insight in regards to how you should pre-plan your next gaming session, in regards to the stake levels you play for and how to put into place a winning goal and stop loss limit.

However, not only are you going to need to have a solid and sound money management system in place when playing any casino games for real money you will also need to know how to play each game optimally whilst also knowing which games have the lowest house edges and the high payout percentages.

House Edges and Payout Percentages

Every single casino game you will come across online will have been designed to make the casino a profit over the long term. When playing casino card and table games each of those games you can access and play will have something known as a house edge attached to it.

The house edge is presented as a percentage of stakes wagered on that game that the casino is expected to make over the long term. Take for example European Roulette, when playing that game due to its design and the winning payouts its house edge works out as 2.70%. So for every 100.00 wagered on that game the casino, over the long term is expected to make 2.70 as its profit.

Slot games and video poker games have a certified payout percentage listed somewhere on those games, you will often find this information on the game help files of those games of the expected long term payout percentages will be displayed somewhere on the casinos website.

The payout percentage is the amount of cash that a player will be paid out as winning payouts based on the stakes they are playing for over the long term. So for example if you are playing a slot game on which a payout percentage of 95% can be found then for every 100.00 you wager over the long term you should get 95.00 back as winning payouts.

However, be aware that as each casino game you can play will be completely random the house edge and payout percentages are going to be fluctuating very wildly during any gambling session you have playing your chosen casino game.

There will be time you are winning much more than you had expected or conversely losing more than you had hoped for as per the house edge or payout percentage of your chosen game.

The one rule of thumb that every real money casino game player should be sticking to is that they should always track down the house edge and payout percentage information at any casino site they choose to play at and only ever play the games which offer the very lowest house edge and the very highest payout percentages.

Highest Paying Casino Games

You will also need to learn how to play some casino games optimally, as games such as Blackjack and Video Poker for example do have an element of skill attached to them. By playing off each hand dealt out to you perfectly you will be playing that game optimally and overtime will achieve the expected payout percentages and house edges on those games and will not be making any costly playing errors.

Below we have highlighted several different casino game categories and will give you an insight into what games in those categories you should be looking to play and how to avoid making any costly game playing errors.

Slot Games – The are going to be thousands upon thousands of different slot game that you are going o be able to play online, and the only way you are going to have an increased chance of winning and also having a much longer slot playing session is by tracking down the payout percentage information on the slots offered at any online casino site.

The payout percentages can and do vary quite dramatically from slot game to slot game and with that in mind never play any slots with RTP’s lower that 98%. With so many different slot game on offer you are not going to have any problems locating plenty of fun to play slots on which the payout percentages will be 98% or even higher.

If you are playing some the older classic slot games on which there is a single payline but slots offering you he ability of playing more than one coin per spin on that single payline, always look at the pay table to see if there is an enhanced payout for maximum on spins, and if so always play those slots with the maximum number of coins permitted in play.

Video Poker Games – It is always the pay table that is going to determine the exact long term expected payout percentage found on any Video Poker game variant.

Any Video Poker game boasting a payout percentage of higher than 99% is worth playing but be fully aware that there is often an enhanced payout when you play maximum coin hands in regards to the Royal Flush hands payout.

So you should always splay for maximum coins, and to avoid making any playing errors make sure the variant you are playing has an auto hold feature and if so activate it before you play.

Blackjack Games – There are a large number of Blackjack game variants online and with that in mind always make sure you check through the game play rules and find out what the house edge is on any variant that you are thinking of playing.

Bets you should not place when playing any Blackjack game include the Insurance wager which comes with a massive house edge, so never place the bet when it is offered to you. Also look out for and avoid playing Blackjack games that pay out at odds of 6 to 5 for a winning Blackjack hand as opposed to the much higher payout of 3 to 2.

Progressive Games – Progressive jackpot paying casino games are usually best left well alone, for the house edges on those games are often huge and as a percentage of your stakes are being fed into the jackpot pool to pools the base game payout percentage will be very low.

If you do get the urge to play any type of progressives casino game only play them when the jackpot or jackpots is higher than they usually rise to as that will mean those jackpots are overdue and may just be amount to be won.

Roulette Games – The variants you should avoid playing when it is Roulette you wish to play are those variants on which there is more than one zero on the wheel and any game on which you can place a series of bonus bets and wagers.

The lowest house edge Roulette game available online is French Roulette, all of the betting propositions on that variant have a house edge of 2.70% with the exception of the even money paying betting propositions which have a house edge of 1.35%.

That is due to the fact when a zero spins in your even money paying bets are either locked onto the betting layout for the next spin or you get half of those stakes paid back to you.