What Types of Soccer Bets Can I Place Online?

Whilst you are always going to be tempted to place a soccer bet on your favourite team to win any match they are playing outright, do also keep in mind that all Sportsbooks are going to be offering you a range of additional betting opportunities on every single soccer match.

With that in mind below we have listed some of the more popular additional soccer bets and wagers that are going to be offered to you, and some of these bets will offer much more generous odds than a standard win type of soccer bet.

Half Time Full Time – You will be able to try and predict whether any soccer match will be a home, away or draw at half time and then again at the end of the game. A half time full time bet will always offer much higher odds than an outright win bet and may be worth placing when you preferred team has very low win odds available on it!

First Player to Score – As a soccer fan there will always be some players you respect and enjoy watching when they take to the soccer pitch. If you are convinced that any one player is going to be the first player to score you will be able to take odds on him doing so!

Total Number of Corners – One novelty type of bet which may be worth having a small wager placed on them are the total number of corners awarded bets.

You simply have to guess how many corners one of the teams or both teams combined will be awarded during any one match and if you predict the number of corners awarded you will be in the money, as the odds available on these types of soccer bets can be quite high, depending on just how many corners you do predict will be awarded!

Last Player to Score – Much like the above first player to score bet you will also be able to pick out any one player, playing or any team that you think will be the last one to score in any scheduled soccer match.

These types of bets are exciting to place and the rewards on offer via high valued odds can be very appealing, probably more so if you pick a player least likely to score the last goal and then he manages to do so!

Correct Score Betting – Every single soccer match scheduled to be played is going to end in one score, whether that will be a 0 – 0 score or a 2 – 1 of one of the huge number of other possible score.

If you are looking for a range of betting opportunities that always have some very appealing odds attached to them then do consider placing a correct score bet. All of our featured sports betting sites offer these types of wagering opportunities and the odds you will be offered are not going to fluctuate no matter what the volume of cash placed on them are!