How To Bet On NHL Hockey

Betting on NHL Hockey can be done in various ways, however there are two ways that are most commonly used; money line betting and over under betting. There are other types of betting besides these two yet they are not as popular. These include prop betting and puck line betting. Below is a detailed explanation of how these types of bets work when betting on NHL Hockey. For Canadians the option isn’t what type of bet to do but where to place the bet; proline vs sportsbooks for NHL betting.

NHL Money Line Betting

The most common type of NHL betting is money line betting because of its simplicity. A bettor only has to choose the team he thinks will likely win the game. Both the favored team and the underdog will have set odds based on the perceived skill discrepancy by bookmakers. While there may be much information to take into account when placing a bet, the actual betting process is simple as the bettor is only making a choice in guessing who among the two teams will win.

NHL Over Under Betting

Just as it works in all other sports, over under betting concerns the total scores for both teams. The oddsmaker plays an important role in setting a number that will represent the total score of the two teams by the end of the game. Bettors will only choose to guess either that the final total score will be over the number set by the oddsmaker or under. If, for example, the number set was 3.5, those who bet over this number when the actual total score is 4 would win. If the situation was reversed and the score was 3 or less, those who placed their bets under win. In the event where the total score adds up to the same amount that the total score is set, all bets are cancelled and refunded.

NHL Puck Line Betting

NHL puck line betting works similar to MLB run line betting and this is certainly not the most popular type of NHL betting. How it works, is that the favored team is given a 1.5 spread that they must cover to win the puck line bet. Bettors placing their bets on the favored team only win if the team wins 2 or more goals. Those who bet on the underdogs will only win the bet if their team wins the game or loses by a goal. Lines are usually set to 1.5 but there are other sports books that offers 2.5 or even 3.5 lines.

Prop Betting for NHL Hockey

Prop betting for NHL involves everything other than the final score of the hockey game. Just as this works with any other sport, there is no limit to how this type of betting is done. It is done during the regular season but it is more popular during NHL playoffs. The individual performances are often where prop bets are placed.

Betting on who wins the Stanley Cup is the most popular NHL future prop bet. Sports books offer lines on each team all throughout the season. Bettors can also place bets on conference winners or individual playoff series or even on the team who wins the division series.


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