Developing Your Online Sports Betting Strategy

Your gut feeling says the favorite team “must” win and that the top player is unbeatable and yes, even this approach can be a possible sports betting strategy. But in order to be able to keep betting in the long run and to do so mostly successfully there are of course a number of other factors to consider.

Most essential is that you do a fair deal of planning and research before immersing yourself in the world of betting on a particular sport.

A good starting point is to establish a financial framework to control the betting budget and thus the extent of the selected bets/risks. Reading up on the basic facts and information about online betting will also help in the development of a strategy which can add success and joy to online sports betting.

Once a financial framework has been defined that allows you to cope with loss without suffering from the consequences you can then venture onwards. That being said:

Interest alone is not enough

In order to make sustainable and successful sports bets a superficial interest in a sport is not sufficient. Just to know when one opponent is playing against another is not enough information to be able to make an informed bet. This means that the sport and the events surrounding the two opponents must be analysed and evaluated from as many angles as possible. In-depth discussions and analysis lead to actual knowledge. The following factors as such become useful tools when developing a betting strategy:

Know How

In-depth knowledge about the players on the sports field, about a team and its coach, and about the competition is essential for a betting tip. Individual strengths and weaknesses are as relevant for decision making as current events. The more know-how about a game or a team is available the greater the possibility to make an objective assessment about the outcome and hence the bet.

Objectivity is in any case an essential keyword: asides from the soft and hard facts just mentioned any “neutral” numbers and basic statistics are another deciding factor:

Facts and Figures

It is essential to have basic knowledge of the possible interpretations of facts and data about a match or team in order for sports betting  to not be based on the unknown variables of “luck” or “gut feeling” alone.

Tables, results, reports and statistics can help establish order in a betting system and aid with the planning for a specific bet.


Even if neglecting highly complex mathematical models and calculations, a statistical likelihood of the occurrence or non-occurrence of an outcome should ultimately be used as a criterion for the development of a betting tip. Some consideration in this direction can be a crucial advantage over other sports tipsters.

What other advantages can you use?

In-depth information and calculations about popular sports and events, such as for football are too easily accessible and make it difficult to generate any real advantage for a betting tip against the sportsbook.

Even the international sportsbooks make use of the above factors and information and accordingly adjust their odds. A comparison – not only between available information – but also between the sportsbook offers and odds is therefore highly recommended:

Sportsbooks & Promotions

One specific sportsbook is not necessarily always the best. Every online sportsbook has its strength’s when it comes to specific sports and betting markets. Often these will lead to the sportsbook making available particular betting specials or promotions. Again, being in the know about these is crucial.

Sportsbooks & Odds Comparison

In addition: A comparison of betting odds for the selected sports event and therefore a comparison with your personal assessment can never hurt. On the contrary it can be essential for betting success. Because when a bet is placed it should be at the best possible odds to ensure the best returns and successful long-term betting.

Armed with all this information you will have a good foundation for developing long-term sports betting success. When choosing specific sports and types of bets you can then learn more and further refine your own betting strategy.


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