How to Locate Your Perfect Casino

Making the decision of choosing to play casino games online is going to see you having lots of decisions to make. One of the most important decisions however will be choosing the casino sites at which you will play.

Over the years many casinos have come and gone and there have been many players who have lost of financially when a casino suddenly closes their cyber doors and has vanished into the night.

As a player there are several checks that you will need to make in your quest to find the perfect online casino site at which to play at. It is with that in mind that we have put together this step by step guide to allow you to make an informed decision as to just which casino site you should sign up to and play at.

So please do read through this guide and use it to allow you to make a very well balanced and well throughout judgement call as to just which casinos you do sign up to, as by doing so you will never run the risk of playing at a casino that is going to prove problematic!

Casino Licensing Jurisdiction

One of the most important aspects of you choosing an online casino site at which to play at is the casino you do decide to play at should be fully licensed and regulated.

It is often the case that your country of residence will have their own gaming authority or gaming commission and if so you are strongly advised to stick to playing only at casinos that hold a license in the country where you are based.

By doing so you will have the complete peace of mind in knowing the casino will be adhering to the very highest of industry standards and you will always have the licensing authority or gaming commission available if you do experience any problems that the casino is unable to address to your satisfaction.

Some licensing commissions and gaming authorities license casinos in several different countries for example if you live in Europe you will often find several casino sites that are licensed in Malta or Gibraltar, and as such you will find those casinos are run to the highest standards and as white listed by many countries that are in Europe.

In the US there are now several different US States that license and regulate online casinos however you will have to be living within the State boundaries to be able to sign up and play at those casino sites legally.

If you are ever in any doubt as to whether a casino is fully licensed and regulated then take a look over the casinos website and lookout for links and logos on their licensing authority and double check with the licensing authority’s website to verify those sites are indeed fully licensed.

Gaming Platforms – There are several different gaming platforms that you are going to be able to access and make use of as an online casino game player.

You will find that a fully downloadable gaming platform can be accessed at many online casino sites. The main benefits of opting to utilize such a gaming platform is that you are going to be able to find lots of additional configurable game options at those sites and will often find a much larger range of casinos than on a no download instant play gaming platform.

Another popular and often utilized gaming platform you will come across is a no download gaming platform. In fact we have found more and more players are tending to play at casino offering an instant play gaming platform and the reason being is that many of them now offer casino games form lots of different game designers and suppliers.

Whereas you are going to be restricted to playing games form just one game designer and supplier when you play at a fully downloadable casino, by utilizing an instant play one you will often have a much large range of games on offer form more than one company.

Mobile gaming platforms have also proven to be very popular with players recently. You will find tow main type of mobile gaming platforms, one is a fully downloadable app and one will be a mobile web browser based gaming platform.

One final type of casino gaming platform that you will come across is a live gaming platform. When accessing such a platform you will be playing real live casino games via your computer. You get to watch the games being played via a video stream and can place your best and wagers onto those gaming platforms remotely.

Fair and Random Games – You will never want to have any doubts in regards to the fairness of any casino game you play online. With that in mind you need to ensure the games you are playing have all been certified as being 100% fair and random.

All of the major casino sites have had their games all independently tested and certified as being fair and random and you will find out which company certified those games by checking out the websites of the casinos.

Also many casinos will have signed up to one of the many companies who audit the gaming logs of online casinos, and each month those companies produce a certificate which is displayed on the casino website showing the achieved RTP’s and house edges of all of the game offered at that casino. So be on the lookout for those payout percentage certificates.

Banking Options and Payout Times – There are lots of different banking options that are available to you as a player, however you should always be on the lookout for casinos that are going to be giving you access to a large range of banking methods that are suitable to you.

As a player when you use some banking options you are going to have to pay fees and charges when both making a deposit and when you make a withdrawal, and over time those fees and charges can chip away at your bankroll and your winning payouts.

With that in mind make sure you select a casino at which to play at that will give you access to several deposit options that are free to use or very low cost as that will save you a lot of money over the long term.

One other thing to note, and this is very important, only register as a play and play at casinos that will el you deposit in your own home currency, for if you are forced to play in any other currency you will then have to pay fees for turning your home currency into another when making a deposit and once again if and when you make a withdrawal!

Promotional Offers and Comps – It does not really matter at which casino site you do sign up to and play at in regards to the number and type of bonuses and promotional offer you will have access to.

All casinos regularly give away to both their new players and their loyal players a wide and very varied range of bonuses and comps. However, not every bonus you will be offered is going to be giving you the maximum value!

You will have to develop something of a sixth sense for picking out the best valued casino bonuses and the main way you can spot whether a bonus is worth claiming is by reading through all of the terms and conditions attached to each bonus you are offered.

Never be the type of player who throws caution to the wind and simply signs up and plays at casinos offering enormous bonuses, as those casinos are usually the ones that will make their bonus terms and conditions so tight there is virtually no chance you will ever be in a position to cash anything out when you have claimed on of their bonuses!

Casino Hosts – More and more online and mobile casino sites will know have their own in0house team of casino hosts, and when you sign up as a player one of those hosts will be allocated to you.

It is often going to be the case that you will find you are offered much more generous and tailored bonuses and promotional offers when you play at an online casino site that ahs their own team of casino hosts, so make sure that is one of the things you add to your checklist of wants and demands when choosing a casino at which to play at!

Customer Support Service – One final aspect of selecting a casino site that you will always feel comfortable playing at is you should be looking or a casino offering an around the clock customer support service.

By having someone at hand at any time of the day or night you will always have the peace of mind in knowing if you do experience any problems you will have someone on duty in the casino to address and sort out those problems for you.