Day #4: The Return Of MrDeposit On SWC

11 months ago was the last time I played poker on SealsWithClubs and wrote about it here Day #3 Redeposit and Taking Risks was the title of that article. Today I took ฿0.013 and decided to play poker again. Well guess what? I did what I always told myself to do. Which is only play 6max no limit texas holdem. Yes, I completely suck at it or at least I think I do. However, I seen enough poker training videos, played enough hands, and talked with enough poker players to know what to do and what not to do.

So ฿0.013 equals 13 chips on SWC. With such a small amount of chips there is very little to do on the site but that only help me focus on my goal of playing solid abc poker, play tight and smart. I don’t recommend starting with such a small amount of chips, I do recommend playing with the amount you are willing to lose. The first table I sat at with 10 chips, I can honestly say I played my heart out. I felt some ups and downs but after awhile I use to my play as well as the other 5 players at the table.

One guy and myself both took whole chip stacks at the table which made a few people not buyin again. My peak at the table was 47 chips before losing one big hand to bring my chip stack down to 29 chips. I left the table with around 37 or 38 chips for a piss break. I did a withdraw of 30 chips which is ฿0.03 and I began playing poker again. Once I was done, I ended up with 31 chips.

My Bankroll Stats

  • Start Bankroll: ฿0.013
  • Current Bankroll: ฿0.061 (Before withdrawal)
  • Profit/Loses: +฿0.048
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