Day #2 – Tilt Killed My Bankroll

This blog post is going to be short. At the end of day one of my poker career my bankroll was raising from guaranteed tournaments by 500 chips after depositing 1,000 chips (1BTC). In day 2, I played a couple of tournaments and didn’t place in them. So I decided to try my hand at ring games.

The ring games was up and down for an hour or so. Then I got into one more tournament for 300 chips. Yeah, I know it was poor bankroll management but I just had to take a shot at it. I took 3rd place which didn’t give me much chips. So I went to ring game where one big fish was at. I thought the table may bring in more players and I was right.

However, the big fish left after losing one big hand to me for around 150 chips. Then this other fish got sick of folding his bad hands, so he decided to push allin until someone call him. I called him and lost. So I reloaded my chips at the table and started to win chips again since the donkey was no longer at the table.

The only thing that bothered me was him leaving right after winning my chips. Only losing poker players think its a good strategy to win one big hand and then find another table to play on. It turned out this guy was only taking a smoke break and then he came back. Now that he decided to play I was winning my chips back.

But then he started pushing all in again. So I call and this donkey wins again. I couldn’t take the ring games anymore so I entered two tournaments to win back the chips I lost or at least part of the chips I lost and I busted out of both tourneys outside the cash positions. This left me with only 18 chips. Day 3 is truly going to be a challenge to rebuild my bankroll.

MrDeposit Bankroll Stats (In Seals With Clubs Chips)

  • Starting Bankroll: 1,500 chips
  • Current Bankroll: 18 chips
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