SwC Poker Review


Site Name: SwC Poker
Network: Independent
Bonus: ฿ 50% RB
Bonus Code: mrdeposit
US Players Accepted: Yes


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After the site Seals with Clubs closed down in February 2015, it went online again later that year under the new name SwC Poker and stayed online since then

It has soon become again on of the best Bitcoin Poker sites around, because there are always a decent amount of players around. While the traffic cannot be compared to non-Bitcoin poker sites, its among the highest in the BTC world. And a great advantage of BTC poker sites is the low level of competition. There are many very weak players around, because the sharks stay at higher frequented sites like Stars or FTP.
It’s also a great choice for those who are looking for rakeback. Through their “Krill” bonus points system, it’s possible to get up to 50% rakeback.

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Before you do anything bookmark this page. I am going to walk you through a step by step guide to buying bitcoins, signing up to Seals With Clubs, and earning as many rewards as you can from SealsWithClubs. Now you have to understand that Seals With Clubs is the first and largest Bitcoin online poker room. I know by reading that line your first thought was “What is Bitcoin?” Without writing a ton of text, here is a video to explain what bitcoin is and under the video is a couple of websites where you can get bitcoins.

What Is Bitcoin? (Video)

Where To Buy Bitcoin?

Pick either one of the options above to buy your bitcoins. They both have the current market value for 1 Bitcoin. So buy as many or as little as you want. Depending on your method to buy Bitcoins it may take a few hours or a week. This is why I said bookmark this page so you can come back to this page and follow the sign up and deposit steps.

1BTC equal 1,000 chips on SealsWithClubs poker site. No matter if the value of Bitcoin go up or down 1BTC equal 1,000 chips on Seals With Clubs poker site.

For example, let’s say you bought 5 Bitcoins at $16 each and you deposited them into SWC won 5 Bitcoins. You want withdraw 5BTC and keep 5 BTC on the SwC Poker site. You would withdraw 5,000 chips and keep 5,000 chips in your account. However, the value of Bitcoins has gone up to $17 each. It doesn’t matter you will receive your 5 Bitcoins.

How To Sign Up To Seals With Clubs?

Click here to join Betcoin Poker, the Seals With Clubs alternative. Now on your right click on “Register!” under the “My Account” button. On this page you enter your username, password, email address (just in case you forget your password), and the referral code mrdeposit. Look at the image below.
Seals With Clubs Signup Page
Now log into your account, click on “my account” if you’re not already on the page. Scroll down until you see “Current Cash In Address”  the random code you see below it is your bitcoin deposit address for SealsWithClubs. Now go to your Bitcoin wallet either it be coinbase or mtgox. Send your bitcoins to the SealsWithClubs deposit address. Your deposit will be accepted within 5 to 30 minutes then your chips will be in your account.

Until your chips is in your account, click on “Play Now“. This will take you to the Seals With Clubs lobby. You can take some time to get to know the friendly people in the poker room chat box or enter the hourly win to take freeroll. The winner will receive 50 chips for winning the freeroll tournament. 50 chips equal 0.05BTC.

The maximum amount of poker players you will see in the hourly freeroll tournament is around 65 players. Depending on what time it is, the tournament may only receive 25 players.

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