Omaha Bankroll Mangement

Omaha bankroll management requires a few more buyins than Texas Holdem. So making the minimum deposit isn’t a good idea if you’re planning on playing omaha for real money. Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi Lo maybe the same game but different animals altogether. However, they do require the same amount of buyins to have a fighting chance at the poker tables.

Omaha cash games, sit and go’s, and tournaments all require more buyins than Texas Holdem. If you’re going to make the switch from Texas Holdem to Omaha, Add a few more buyins to your bankroll after reading the Omaha bankroll management requirements below, and if you really want to win playing Omaha then signing up for poker training at BlueFirePoker is recommended.

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Cash Game Bankroll Management

Omaha cash games can be a wild ride at times with bankroll feeling big swings up and down. You want a big enough bankroll to handle those swings. Most websites say have 30 buyins, I feel that is taking a risk. 50 buyins is more of a solid bankroll to handle those swings and if you have a moment of run bad like a week or two your bankroll is big enough to handle it unlike a 30 buyin bankroll.

For example, a buyin is 100 times the big blind. At the $0.02/$0.04 poker table this would be $4. Following my bankroll management system, the recommended bankroll requirements would be $200. However, following everyone else you would be one of the risk takers with 30 buyins, so your bankroll would be $120.

Cash Game Buyins

  • Risk Taker: 30 buyins
  • Recommended: 50 buyins
  • Conservative: 100 buyins

Pot Limit Omaha Book

Mr. Deposit Recommended Buyins To Deposit

  • Micro Stakes: $200 ($0.02/$0.04 table)
  • Small Stakes: $2,500 ($0.25/$0.50 table)
  • Mid Stakes: $20,000 ($2/$4 table)
  • High Stakes: $50,000 ($5/$10 table)

Sit And Go Bankroll Management

Omaha sit and go’s can be a bit more stable than cash games. However, there are swings to deal with just like with the cash games. A swing of 10 buyins up or down is not uncommon. Although, if you specialize in Omaha sitngo’s you may notice swings of 20 to 30 buyins if you’re putting in that amount of time and volume.

Most sites recommend a bankroll of 50 buyins for sit and gos. I recommend going with a bankroll of 75 buyins. If you’re one of those type of people that prefer being on the safe side of things and have a little extra just in case. Then by all means go with 100 buyins.

SitnGo Buyins

  • Risk Taker: 50 buyins
  • Recommended: 75 buyins
  • Conservative: 100 buyins

Omaha 8 For DummiesMr. Deposit Recommended Buyins To Deposit

  • Micro Stakes: $75 ($1 buyin sitngos)
  • Small Stakes: $375 ($5 buyin sitngos)
  • Mid Stakes: $1,500 ($20 buyin sitngos)
  • High Stakes: $3,750 ($50 buyin sitngos)

Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) Bankroll Management

Omaha Multi-Table Tournament swings are just as wild as any other game. You lose a few to win one and hopefully you cash high enough to make a profit from all the tournaments you entered. Now the smart thing to do is have a big enough bankroll to play as many Omaha tournaments as you can. It’s said that 50 buyins should do it. However, many players are new to the game and it may take a little more than 50 buyins to truly get use to the game and win playing it. This is why I recommend 75 buyins, 100 buyins if you want to be conservative.

MTT Buyins

  • Risk Taker: 50 buyins
  • Recommended: 75 buyins
  • Conservative: 100 buyins

Poker For Dummies

Mr. Deposit Recommended Buyins To Deposit

  • Micro Stakes: $75 ($1 buyin MTTs)
  • Small Stakes: $750 ($10 buyin MTTs)
  • Mid Stakes: $1,500 ($20 buyin MTTs)
  • High Stakes: $7,500 ($100 buyin MTTs)

When Not To Follow Bankroll Management

The only times I recommend not following bankroll is if you’re playing in lower buyin games, during a run good swing you try out higher stakes with one or two buyins, or taking a shot at a big guaranteed prize pool event. In these 3 times, I can see it is a smart move not to follow bankroll management.

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