Free NBA Picks For March 15th 2013

Miami Heat Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade by Scott Mecu

The NBA picks for March 13th 2013 article I gave out 3 betting tips. All 3 picks was on the favorite team to win. However, all 3 teams fell short of victory. So yesterday for you NBA fans I gave out a winning pick only on our twitter account @minimumdepositg. With that victory and these picks. I hope I have made it up to all of you whom follow my NBA picks.

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks

Miami Heat (49-14, Home: 30-3, Road: 19-11)

Miami Heat is sitting at 49-14 on a 20 game winning streak. The latest win was against Philly with a near lost but somehow the Heat came out on top. I don’t know if winning so many games in a row has come into play or they was tired from back to back games. However, that near lost was the wake up call the Miami Heat needed to get back to their winning play.

The season series is tied 1-1 and this game will be the tie breaker. On November 21st 2012, the Miami Heat beat the Milwaukee Bucks 113-106 in Miami. Only to turn around and lose 104-85 in Milwaukee. If the Heat play like they did in the last game, this game will be a close one.

Milwaukee Bucks (32-31, Home: 16-15, Road: 16-16)

Milwaukee Bucks held the third longest winning streak (20 wins) until March 13th when the Miami Heat won their 20th straight game this season. The Bucks need to win this game in order to hold onto the third longest winning streak record in NBA history with the Heat. However, the Bucks have won 6 out of the last 10 games and on a 2 game losing streak. Playing like they have will give the Heat an easy victory over the Bucks.

Miami Heat At Milwaukee Bucks Odds And Prediction

The online bookies have the Heat at 6 point favorites to win this game but you never know how the team is feeling. If they play like they did in the last game the victory over the Bucks tonight can be as low as 2 to 4 points which would not cover the spread. I recommend betting on the money line with the Miami Heat on this game which is around -250 on most online sportsbooks.

Free NBA Pick: Miami Heat

Memphis Grizzlies vs Denver Nuggets

Memphis Grizzlies (44-19, Home: 28-8, Road: 19-11)

Denver Nuggets (44-22, Home: 29-3, Road: 15-19)

This is the last game of this seasons 4 game series. Denver Nuggets is leading the series 2-1 with 1 win at home and 1 on the road. Both teams truly battle it out on the court when they face each other. However, the Denver Nuggets is a strong home game team while the Grizzlies have proven they can win at home or on the road throughout this season.

Memphis Grizzlies are on a 6 game winning streak while the Denver Nuggets are on a 10 game winning streak. Memphis Grizzlies is a good team but when facing the Nuggets they fall short. The all-time record between the Grizzlies and the Nuggets is 45-22 with Denver leading the series. When Memphis play in Denver the Nuggets lead the series 29-4.

Nuggets vs Grizzlies 2012-13 Series

  • Denver 97 @ Memphis 92
  • Memphis 94 @ Denver 99
  • Denver 72 @ Memphis 81

Memphis Grizzlies at Denver Nuggets Odds And Prediction

The online bookmakers have the Denver Nuggets at a 5.5 point favorites to win this game. However, I don’t really think that the Nuggets will cover the spread in this game tonight. I will take the Denver Nuggets over the Memphis Grizzlies tonight.

Free NBA Pick: Denver Nuggets

Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors

Chicago Bulls (35-29, Home: 18-14, Road: 17-15)

Golden State Warriors (37-29, Home: 22-9, Road: 15-20)

Chicago Bulls won the first game against the Golden State Warriors 103-87 on January 25th 2013. That isn’t the same team we have been seeing the last 2 games the Bulls have played. The Bulls are on a 2 game losing streaking walking into Golden State home. While the Warriors are on a 2 game winning streak with Stephen Curry averaging 22 points and 6 assists per game.

Chicago Bulls at Golden State Warriors Odds And Prediction

The online sportsbooks have the Golden State Warriors as 4 point favorites. I placed my bet with the money line just case Bulls make a run for the victory late in the fourth quarter and the game is won by 1 point. My pick is Golden State Warriors on the money line.

Free NBA Pick: Golden State Warriors

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