NBA Picks For February 5th 2013

Atlanta Hawks Deshawn Stevenson

Atlanta Hawks Deshawn Stevenson Photo by Mark Runyon

Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers

The Hawks and Pacers meet for the 3rd time in this season 4 game series. The first 2 games were played in Atlanta, the first game came down to 89-86 Hawks, and the second game came down to 109-100 Hawks. The Indiana Pacers has got things together and running on a 3 game winning steak while the Atlanta Hawks have won only 5 of the last 10 games their played.

The Hawks have a losing 10-12 record on the road and the Pacers have only lost 3 games at home. Since this game and the next one will be played in Indiana. I have to go with the Indiana Pacers for the next game and this one as well. The way the Hawks have been playing lately plus the Pacers home game record. The Indiana Pacers are a 5.5 point favorite over the Atlanta Hawks. My pick is the Pacers with the money line.

Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers Odds
BetOnline Money Line Point Spread Total Points Final Score
Atlanta Hawks +205 +5.5 (-110) Over 183 (-110) 103
Indiana Pacers -245 -5.5 (-110) Under 183 (-110) 114

Free Pick: Indiana Pacers

Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies

This is the last meeting of a 4 game series this season between Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies have beaten the Suns by 10 points in both victories and took a 2 point lost in the second game in Phoenix. The Suns held the Grizzlies under 20 points for 3 quarters that game.

The Phoenix Suns have the worse record in the western conference pacific division and on a 2 game losing steak with a 4-20 away game record. The Memphis Grizzlies has a solid home game record with 18 wins and 7 loses. The Grizzlies are a 8.5 point favorite over the Suns in this game. My pick is the Grizzlies on the money line just case the game ends with a 2 point victory over the Suns.

Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies Odds
Carbon Sports Money Line Point Spread Total Points Final Score
Phoenix Suns +330 +8.5 (-110) Over 183 (-110) 96
Memphis Grizzlies -420 -8.5 (-110) Under 183 (-110) 90

Free Pick: Memphis Grizzlies

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets

This is the first time Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets are meeting in this seasons 4 game series. The game is in Houston, where the Rockets have 16-8 home game record. The Golden State Warriors have an away game record of 14-11. This is going to be the closest game tonight out of all the games listed in this article.

The Houston Rockets are only a 2.5 point favorite over the Golden State Warriors. I still pick the Warriors to take this game with the money line. Both these teams are known to score over 100 points but I believe defense will win this game.

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Odds
Carbon Sports Money Line Point Spread Total Points Final Score
Golden State Warriors +120 +2.5 (-110) Over 216.5 (-110) 109
Houston Rockets -140 -2.5 (-110) Under 216.5 (-110) 140

Free Pick: Golden State Warriors

Milwaukee Bucks vs Denver Nuggets

The Milwaukee Bucks meet the Denver Nuggets in Denver for the first time in this seasons 2 game series. The Bucks have won 6 of the last 10 games they played and have an away game record of 12-11. The Denver Nuggets have won 8 of their last 10 games and have a home record of 20 and 3. The Nuggets have only lost 3 games at home and a 7 point favorite for this game. My pick is the Denver Nuggets with the money line.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Denver Nuggets Odds
Bovada Money Line Point Spread Total Points Final Score
Milwaukee Bucks +250 +7 (-110) Over 214 (-110) 104
Denver Nuggets -300 -7 (-110) Under 214 (-110) 112

Free Pick: Denver Nuggets

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