Free NBA Picks For March 13th 2013

Los Angeles Lakers Dwight Howard

Los Angeles Lakers Dwight Howard by Scott

Los Angeles Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks

Los Angeles Lakers (34-31, Home: 22-11, Road: 12-20) at Atlanta Hawks (34-29, Home: 19-11, Road: 15-18) today 7:30PM ET in the final game of the 2 game series this seasons between the Lakers and Hawks. Both teams played last night so neither team is well rested. However, I believe the LA Lakers will try to bring the hype from the victory last night against the Orlando Magic.

Last night the LA Lakers looked like the team we were all expecting to see at the beginning of the season when the Lakers got Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. The whole team played well, shared the ball, and got the win. Now going up against the Hawks I expect to see the same Los Angeles Lakers I seen last night.

If the Lakers play like they played last night then I expect history will repeat itself when it comes to the all-time record between the Lakers and the Hawks. The all time record is 73-43 (Home: 43-16, In Atlanta 30-27). Most online sportsbooks believe these teams are evenly matched or have the Lakers as the favorites by 1 point. I believe the Lakers will take this game. (Disclaimer: I am a huge Lakers fan)

Free NBA Pick: Los Angeles Lakers

Chicago Bulls vs Sacramento Kings

Chicago Bulls (35-28, Home: 18-14, Road: 17-14) at Sacramento Kings (22-43, Home: 16-15, Road: 6-28) tonight at 10:00PM ET in the final game of this seasons 2 game series between the Bulls and Kings. Chicago Bulls beat the Kings 93-87 in the first game earlier this season. This put the Bulls on a 5 game winning streak against the Kings with Chicago leading the all-time record between the 2 NBA teams 75-72.

The bookies have the Chicago Bulls at -3 on this game. I agree with the bookies having the Bulls at a 3 point favorite against the Kings and I believe the Bulls will cover the spread in tonight’s game. My pick is the Chicago Bulls to win this game.

Free NBA Pick: Chicago Bulls

Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippers

Memphis Grizzlies (43-19, Home: 25-8, Road: 18-11) at Los Angeles Clippers (45-20, Home: 25-7, Road: 20-13) tonight at 10:30PM ET in the 3rd game of the 4 game series this seasons between these 2 NBA teams. So far this series has been all LA Clippers with game 1 in Los Angeles where the Clippers best the Grizzlies 101-92 and game 2 in Memphis where the LA Clippers got the victory over the Grizzlies 99-73. In this 3rd game, the bookies have the LA Clippers as the 6 point favorites.

Besides the Clippers beating the Grizzlies every time they mat so far this season. I believe the bookies have them at -6 because the Memphis Grizzlies played a hard game last night where they took a 102-97 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. My pick is the Clippers and I will tell you why I picked the Los Angeles Clippers over the Memphis Grizzlies.

The all-time record between these 2 NBA teams is really close 34-33 with the LA Clippers leading. However, those stats alone wouldn’t get anyone to side with the Clippers. Its the break down of home vs away games that made me side with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers record vs the Grizzlies is 22-12 at home and 12-21 in Memphis. This tells me that this series between these teams are focused on who is playing home will most likely be the winner 6 out of 10 times. Plus the Grizzlies played last night and their facing a well rested Clippers team.

Free NBA Pick: LA Clippers

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