How To Play Seven Card Stud Hi Lo

7 Card Stud For Dummies7 card stud hi lo is a game of poker that has been around a long time and is one of the more familiar of the poker games. Although the basics of the game are fairly easy to get down this game is one that players will continuously be learning more about.

In this game each one of the players will be receive seven of their own cards. However, the goal of the game is to come up with the best five card hand out of those seven like in texas holdem and on the other side the lowest five cards like in razz. Both winning hands will take half the pot.

Where To Play Seven Card Stud Hi Lo Online

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Before the dealing of the cards each player needs to put up a predetermined amount of money which is referred to as the ante. This needs to be put forth if the player plans on participating in that hand.

The players will be dealt 3rd street in which they receive three cards. Now, the first two are facing downwards, but the third is facing upwards. It will be up to the one with the low card showing to start the action. The betting will then make its way around the poker table.

4th street will be next and this is where each player receives another card that is also placed facing upwards. Now, the person with the highest showing cards showing will be the one to start the action.

Once again, the betting will make its way around the table. 5th street and 6th street are dealt in the same fashion and just as with 4th street; the person with the highest showing hand showing will be the one to act first. Once the betting round ends the next card dealt will be 7th street and it changes pace a bit.

7th street brings forth the final card to be dealt to the players. This card is placed facing downwards, just as the first two cards at the beginning of the game were. The person who still has the highest showing cards will once again be the one to begin the round of betting.

At the end of the betting round if there is still at least two players left in the game then the showdown will take place and this is where the last one to bet will reveal their cards. Other players will show their cards in a clockwise movement and the player with the highest ranking five cards hand will win half the pot and the player with the lowest five cards will win half the pot. This game takes a bit of getting used to but it is well worth it to learn it.

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