Top 4 Mistakes New Poker Players Make

Poker is a game of skill with a touch of chance. To play online poker games as a beginner poker player, many players make the most known mistakes that cost them dearly. In ring games these mistakes cost the new poker players cash. In tournaments these mistakes get the new poker players knocked out of the tourney. However, learning these mistakes will help you improve your game and not make these very simple mistakes that cost poker players dearly every day.

Frequently Going All In

When you enter a poker tournament you will notice some poker players will go all-in the first 3 hands. This is not a strategy and in most cases will get you knocked out of the tournament. However, this can be far worse for players that win those first 3 hands of going all in because they will keep going all-in. There are only 3 reasons you should be going all-in; 1: To get one player to fold, 2: Bluff on a scary board, and 3: When you have a solid hand.

The best way to use the all-in strategy is very rarely go all-in and bet carefully. When you finally push all-in the poker players at your table will know you mean business. If you’re bluffing they will fold but if you’re playing smart you will have a solid hand when you push all-in.

Under Betting The Pot

When you have a really good starting hand, you cannot be afraid to raise the pot pre-flop. Post flop is the same thing, you can’t be afraid to bet high when you have a really great hand on the flop. If you’re limping into the flop or placing a low bet post flop you’re giving other poker players chance to see another card for free or cheap.

You don’t want more than one or two players in the hand with you. When there is too many players or you give a player too many chances. They will end up winning the hand because they had each other chances to improve their hand. So don’t under bet to improve your odds of winning the hand.

Over Betting The Pot

New poker players get very excited when they have a good hand. They may push all-in or make huge bet. If you’re frequently doing this every time you have a good hand other players will know when you have a good hand and fold. This will not allow you to make money playing poker. Also, by over betting often will let other players know when you don’t have a good hand. Before you know it they will win all your money playing this way.

Never Folding

Winning poker players take their time by watching other players at the table. This allows them to know when to bet and when to fold. However, new poker players don’t watch other poker players they are too busy playing almost every hand. This makes new poker players an easy target for winning poker players to make money. This is also how the poker terms fish and shark came about. Learn when to fold and when to play your hand.

If you would like to win more poker hands, enjoy playing poker longer, and become a better poker player altogether. Then by all means stop going all-in, under betting, over betting, and learn when to fold your hand. Not only will you win more hands but other poker players will respect you at the poker tables.


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