How To Benefit From Poker Loyalty Programs

Every online poker room has a loyalty program that benefit poker players. Most of these programs mainly benefits the poker players that put in the most volume. By volume, I mean playing the most hands in cash games or entering the most sitngos and tournaments. This doesn’t really benefit the small time poker players. That’s why if you’re playing poker for the rewards, I recommend looking up the poker loyalty rewards before joining the poker room.

High Volume Poker Players Watch In VIP Programs

High volume poker players should look for VIP programs that reward more loyalty points and more cash back for more hands played. Rewards for your high volume of hands is a nice bonus for a winning poker player. For a breakeven poker player the high volume of hands is a way to make money online via the loyalty program provided by a online poker room. Now if you’re a slightly losing money playing poker but putting in a ton of hands the rewards program is a great way to breakeven while you work on your poker skills.

Low Volume Poker Players Watch For In VIP Programs

Now for a low volume poker players. You want to check to see if the cashback via cashing out rewards points is worth exchanging your points for cash. Most VIP programs this just isn’t worth the trouble when you’re a low volume poker player. However, there is use for those loyalty points and that’s entering poker tournaments and sitngos. Now if you’re not playing sitngos and poker tournaments. Then exchanging the points for cash to play more ring games may be your best option.

Free Stuff via Poker Loyalty Programs

Now if you’re happy with your poker skills and winning money purely by playing poker without the added rewards than I recommend exchanging your loyalty points for free stuff. Online poker rooms always have some great stuff able for VIP points like a iPhone, iPad Air, and some poker rooms on the internet even offer a car in their Loyalty points shop. Of course, the car will cost a lot of points to get but who wouldn’t want a car ship to them from an online poker site?

Look through our list of online poker rooms, check out their poker loyalty rewards program, and pick which online poker room is the perfect fit for you. Got to be happy with the rewards if you’re going to play poker online right?


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