Top 3 Signs Of A Soft Poker Site

As an online poker player, you want to find the softest poker sites online. This can be hard to find with so many online poker training sites like DeucesCracked and the top online poker rooms signing professional poker players to give online players tips. However, there are 3 signs to look for that will let you know if an online poker site you looking to join has a lot of recreational poker players on it. These signs are known to professional poker players and now you will know the signs to look for in order to find the easiest poker rooms on the internet.

Sign #1: Online Sportsbook

First and foremost, the online poker site you are looking to join should have a sportsbook as well. These completely suck at poker for the most part and they love to gamble. Sports betting poker players have no problem going all in with any two cards after watching their favorite team win them some big money. Sports bettors have a mindset that losing $50 is nothing after winning $2,000.

Sign #2: Online Casino

The second thing to look for is an online casino. You want to make sure their casino has the following games; video poker and blackjack. Video Poker players have no problem moving their action from the video poker machine game to the online poker tables because they’re in the comfort of their own home. No people Video Poker player have to sit next to nor a live dealer he/she have to listen to. Blackjack players think that they are smart enough to beat a dealer they can beat poker players at the tables. So you have 2 types of gamblers to test your poker skills up against.

Sign #3: Re-deposit Bonus Promotions

This is by far the most important sign to look for when you sign up to an online poker room. You want to make sure they have redeposit bonuses to keep the losing poker players at the tables. It’s a well-known fact that winning poker players withdraw money, breakeven poker players try to build up reward points to withdraw money, and losing poker players deposit again and again.

I hope you have learn from this article how to spot an easy poker site to win real money playing poker online. If you’re looking for a soft poker site to sign up and play for real money today then sign up to 888 Poker unless you’re from the USA then sign up to Bovada Poker. These 2 online gambling sites are the softest poker sites you will find online today.


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