Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots 2012 AFC Conference Championship

Baltimore Ravens #4 seed at New England Patriots #2 seed in the 2012 AFC conference championship on Sunday January 20th, 2013 at 3:00 pm.

Quick Summary: The pick is New England Patriots at Bovada.

NFL Team Stats and Key Football Players

Baltimore Ravens (10-6, Playoffs: 2-0) has been called the team of destiny in this years post season. After Ray Lewis said he is going to retire the whole team has put in a focus that only the New England Patriots possess. With the Ravens never give up until the clock reaches zero attitude, they truly are the only team that can beat the Patriots left in this post season.

Baltimore Ravens need Ray Lewis and his defense to shut down Tom Brady. He is the quarterback to give any defense a challenge. If Ray Lewis can break down Tom Brady by the 4th quarter. The Ravens only need to look at their offense for the win. This means Joe Flacco and Ray Rice need to need only bring their A-game but produce points on the board quarter after quarter.

The Baltimore Ravens cannot afford to allow the Patriots an early lead in this game or it will be a long day for a lost in the AFC conference finals. That would truly make the battle for a 38-35 victory vs Denver Broncos pointless.

New England Patriots Tom Brady

Tom Brady by Kate

New England Patriots (12-4, Playoffs: 1-0) has always been the post season team to beat. A cool quarterback that can lead his offense under pressure like Tom Brady gives the Patriots the advantage they need to win throughout the 2012 post season. As we seen last week 41-28 victory vs Houston Texans in the AFC divisional.

New England Patriots key factors in this game will come down to the Pats offense beating the Baltimore Ravens defense. Tom Brady, Stevan Ridley, Wes Welker, and Brandon Lloyd will just have to get things done without Tom Brady go to man, Rob Gronkowski.

Some people believe that the Ravens defense can stop Tom Brady and his Patriots offense since his go to man is out for the post season. This forces Tom Brady to look for his wide receivers first and not tight-end Rob Gronkowski. With man to man coveage and Ray Lewis roming in the backfield. This can truly be a challenge for the New England Patriots offense.

Where To Bet Online On The Ravens vs Patriots Game

Bovada has the point spread like this at the moment (1/18/13), Baltimore Ravens +10 (-150) and New England Patriots -10 (+130). My prediction is the New England Patriots will quite the “team of destiny” talk about the Baltimore Ravens. No matter how much I want the Ravens to win this game. So my bet is on the New England Patriots. If you’re going to bet on the Baltimore Ravens then I recommend going with Baltimore Ravens +280 money line.

Game Final Score

  • Baltimore Ravens: 28
  • New England Patriots: 13
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