Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos 2012 AFC Divisional

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Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos 2012 AFC Divisional is a rematch between the two teams from the week 15 Broncos 34-17 victory over the Ravens in Baltimore. This time they will be in Denver for this NFL playoff game on January 12th, 2013.

Quick Summary: The pick is Baltimore Ravens, the bet is on the money line at BetOnline.

NFL Team Stats and Key Players

Baltimore Ravens (10-6) won the AFC wild card last weekend 24-9 vs Indianapolis Colts. This was an easy victory over the Colts with the Ravens defense hyped up from Ray Lewis coming back and playing his last home game in Baltimore. However, their going up against the team that beat them in week 15 this Saturday in the AFC Divisional.

The major difference between week 15 and AFC Divisional is Ray Lewis will be playing in this game. In week 15 the Broncos offense had their way with the Ravens defense and the Baltimore offense couldn’t seem to get it together. Now that Ray Lewis back and playing his last season. The Ravens defense seem to be on a mission and the offense is ready for whatever comes their way.

Baltimore Ravens key offensive players is Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, and Anquan Boldin, and Dennis Pitta. Joe Flacco will have to avoid throwing any interceptions, place the ball in the hands of Anquan Boldin deep down the field like he did against the Colts, and hit Dennis Pitta cutting cross the middle of the field for touchdowns. Ray Rice will need to do a much better job holding onto the ball this week. Ravens can’t afford to fumble the ball against the Broncos. Also, Ray Rice will have to have a much better game than he had in week 15 with only 38 rushing yards and no touchdowns is unacceptable this week.

Baltimore Ravens key defensive players are Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Paul Kruger, and Cary Williams. Paul Kruger was great last week getting at the quarterback with 2.5 sacks and 1 force fumble. If he brings this type of play into Denver Peyton Manning is going to have a long day. Cary Williams is having the best season of his career. He is showing no signs of slowing down 8 tackles and 1 interception last week. He is a problem for receivers and a threat to quarterbacks. However, he has a challenge on his hands if he thinks he will get an interception on Peyton Manning.

Ray Lewis and Ed Reed hanging around in the back field you never know what plays they will pull off. Big tackles, force fumbles, and interceptions are all too real with these 2 players controlling the Baltimore Ravens defense. They are surely going to give the Broncos a hard time getting into the end zone.

Denver Broncos (13-3) have been having a great season winning their last 11 games earning them home-field advantage and a week to rest while they wait to see who will be facing them in the AFC Divisional playoff round. The Colts was the ideal opponent for an easy victory but the Baltimore Ravens put a stop to the Indianapolis Colts season with the return of Ray Lewis. However, the stats show the Broncos average more passing yards, total yards, and points per game than the Ravens. Also, the Broncos defense are first in sacks, third in rushing yards allowed, passing yards allowed, and total yards allowed, and fifth in points allowed.

In week 15, the Broncos had more total yards, control the ball, and held Ray Rice to only 38 rushing yards. If the Broncos defense play the same way in the AFC Division game this weekend then it will be on the offense to to have a great game like week 15. However, Ray Lewis will be challenge which means the Denver Broncos key players will have to bring their A-game.

Denver Broncos key offensive players are Peyton Manning, Knowshon Moreno, Demaryius Thomas, and Eric Decker. As long as Peyton Manning keep playing the way he does, avoid throwing an interception, and get the ball to Demaryius Thomas and E down the field. The broncos should win this game. Demaryius Thomas receiving over 100 yards in the last 2 games and Eric Decker getting open in the end zone scoring 2 touchdowns in each game in the last 2 games. These receivers are focus on doing their jobs.

Willis McGahee still out with his injury. Knowshon Moreno will have to bring his A-game in this game. In week 15 against the Ravens he ran for 115 yards with only 21 carries. That’s 2 yards over his season average per carry. I believe he can do the same against Baltimore this weekend as long as he can avoid Ray Lewis.

Denver Broncos key defensive players are Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil, Wesley Woodyard, and Mike Adams. All 4 of these players lead the team in sacks, force fumbles, and interceptions. Von Miller leading the team with 18 sacks breaking the Denver Broncos record of 17 sacks in a single season. If Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil, and Wesley Woodyard can put a stop to Ray Rice and put pressure on Joe Flacco then the Broncos can control this game. However, if the Ravens take it to the air it will be Mike Adams to make the big plays.

Where To Bet Online On The Ravens vs Broncos Game

BetOnline has the points spread for Baltimore Ravens +10 (-120) and Denver Broncos -10 (+100). I don’t think this game will cover the spread since both defenses will truly take it to the offense in this game. So I recommend going with the money line which is Baltimore Ravens +365 and Denver Broncos -440. (Odds last updated: 1/9/2013)

Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos Predictions

I got to be honest here, I had a hard time picking a team for this game but I have to go with Baltimore Ravens. I know Denver Broncos has one of the best defenses in the NFL. However, the determination by the Baltimore Ravens to win the superbowl for Ray Lewis to retire in a major way is what made me lean towards the Ravens.

You can never count out the emotions of the football players. I know the Denver Broncos want a victory for Peyton Manning but who knows if he is coming back for another year or retiring. Everybody knows Ray Lewis is retiring at the end of the season and the Ravens are on a mission to end that season in the superbowl. So I pick the Baltimore Ravens to win this game.

My Prediction: Baltimore Ravens

Game Final Score

  • Baltimore Ravens: 38
  • Denver Broncos: 35
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