USA Online Poker Weekly Traffic Report 1/7/2013

US Poker TrafficLast week, in the 12/31/2012 US poker traffic report Revolution Gaming Network was the network most US players were playing at. This week in our weekly traffic report of US online poker sites. It looks like not only is Revolution Gaming Network number one US poker network but they are pulling away from the Bodog Poker Network.

Most online poker news websites that cover the weekly traffic show percentages. Minimum Deposit Poker show you the raw numbers of the number of players over the last 7 days average and by how many players has the numbers changed.

Revolution Gaming Network 7 day average last week was 1,100 players online. This week 7 day average is 1,160 players online. Thanks to the all the poker skins including the flagship poker site Lock Poker for doing a good job at promotions. The network has gained 60 more players online on average throughout the week despite having the worse payout time among US facing poker sites.

Bodog Poker Network 7 day average last week was 1,080 players online. This week 7 day average is 1,040 players online. This is a lost of 40 players online. Maybe because of the NFL playoffs players are more focused on betting on sports than playing poker. Who knows what will happen once the NFL season is over. I still stand by my word that the Bodog Poker Network US facing poker site is Bovada will be the number one US poker site within the next few months.

Merge Gaming Network 7 day average last week was 720 players online. This week 7 day average is 730 players online. Only a 10 player gain this week. However a short gain is better than no gain. Since the fall from being the number one US facing network they are maintaining 3rd place. Maybe their flagship poker site CarbonPoker will gain some new poker players from their new addition CarbonSports.

Winning Poker Network 7 day average last week was 335 players online. This week 7 day average is 380 players online. This 45 player average boost is surely from Black Chip Poker joining the network. Since Winning Poker Network has the fastest cash out time among all US facing poker sites maybe the network will get a boost in players online on their flagship poker site is TruePoker and their big name poker site BlackChipPoker. Only time will tell since the software isn’t the best.

Chico Poker Network 7 day average last week was 320 players online. This week 7 day average is 315 players online. A 5 player average lost from last week. Again I think this may have something to do with the NFL playoffs. The players at BetOnline are most likely focusing on betting on sports right now.

Seals With Clubs 7 day average last week was 20 players online, this week’s 7 day average is 22 players online. This site isn’t in the monthly payment processing report. However, this is the only poker site at the moment that has BitCoin as a deposit and withdraw option. The e-currency is currently trading at $13 per BitCoin. Instant deposit and 12 hour withdraws is beating all US facing poker sites. However, this site is still new so very little tables available for play.

Top Traffic US Poker Sites

  1. Revolution Gaming Network (Lock Poker)
  2. Bodog Poker Network (Bovada)
  3. Merge Gaming Network (Carbon Poker)
  4. Winning Poker Network (True Poker)
  5. Chico Poker Network (BetOnline)
  6. Seals With Clubs

That is the US poker traffic report for 1/7/2013. My prediction for the next few months is BNP (Bodog Poker Network) and MGN (Merge Gaming Network) will improve their poker traffic. Bodog Poker Network has always been among the best for withdrawals and Merge Gaming Network will finally improve their cash out time so poker players will return to the network again.


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