NBA Picks For February 4th 2013

Los Angeles Clippers vs Washington Wizards

Miami Heat Lebron James

Miami Heat Lebron James Photo by Scott Mecum

Los Angeles Clippers (34 – 15)

The Los Angeles Clippers is the 3rd best team in the Western conference. However, their on a 2 game losing steak with a blowout 98-73 lost to Toronto Raptors and a close 106-104 lost to the Boston Celtics. They will be a bit tired after such a game but I believe that last game was a wake up call. They should be ready to play knowing they have beat the Wizards before 94-87.

Washington Wizards (11 – 35)

The Washington Wizards is tied for the worse team in the Eastern conference as well as the league with Charlotte Bobcats. The Wizards are on a 4 game losing steak after giving each team hell throughout the games but still end up losing by 10 points or more.

LA Clippers vs Washington Wizards Odds and Prediction

Even with both teams being on a losing steak, the Clippers have a better record, and the favorite to win by 4 points. My pick is the LA Clippers to win this game.

My Pick: Los Angeles Clippers

Final Score: LA Clippers 90 – Washington Wizards 98

Detroit Pistons vs New York Knicks

Detroit Pistons (18 – 30)

The Detroit Pistons have been winning games against losing teams and losing close games and some blowouts against winning teams. This couldn’t be any different walking into New York on an away game. The Pistons are 5 and 17 with away games. 2 of those lost games came from the Knicks.

New York Knicks (30 – 15)

The New York Knicks beat the Pistons in the first 2 games they mat in this 4 game series. First game was 121-100 and the second game was 102-87. The Knicks home game record is 18 and 6. With the 2 victories under their belt against the Pistons and being at home. I am sure the New York Knicks are ready to win this game.

Detroit Pistons vs New York Knicks Odds And Prediction

The New York Knicks are a 10 point favorite over the Detroit Pistons. This game will be a hard battle all the way to the end. However, with the average of 20 point victory. They most likely could cover the spread.

My Pick: New York Knicks

Final Score: Detroit Pistons 85 – New York Knicks 99

Charlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat

Charlotte Bobcats (11 – 35)

The Charlotte Bobcats are tied for the worse team in the league with the Washington Wizards. Game after game they have been battling it out only to lose most of their games by 10 points give or take. Most their loses have come by the hands of winning teams and the blowouts by some of the best teams in the league.

Miami Heat (30 – 14)

The Miami Heat is the best team in the Eastern conference and just bounce back from a 102-89 lost to Indiana Pacers with a 100-85 victory over Toronto Raptors. With such a big game yesterday, I believe the Bobcats may have a fighting chance or at least hold them close throughout the game.

Charlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat Odds And Prediction

I think the Miami Heat may not be able to cover the 13.5 point spread due to playing such a hard game yesterday and traveling from Toronto back to Miami. However, I do believe the Miami Heat will win this game. So if there aren’t any money lines on this game, you might win the 13.5 point spread on this game since the Bobcats are one of the worse teams in the league.

My Pick: Miami Heat

Final Score: Charlotte Bobcats 94 – Miami Heat 99

Odds were taken from Bovada at the time of writing this article.

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