Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks 1/30/2013

Orlando Magic Jameer Nelson

Orlando Magic Jameer Nelson photo by Mike

1/30/2013 game is Orlando Magic at New York Knicks. In the last 2 times these teams mat this season, the Knicks made quick work of the Magic in this 4 game series. First game the Knicks spank the Magic like a bad step-child by 10 points 99-89 and in the second game the Knicks took victory over the Magic 114-106.

Orlando Magic (14-30) been having a pretty ruff season. The Magic only won 2 of their last 10 games. Including a major lost in their last game against the Brooklyn Nets by 20 points. Most of their games come down to losing by 2 to 6 points. If the Magic knew how to get to the foul line more maybe they would win more games. The Orlando Magic has the fewest free throw attempts in the NBA. If they keep their free throw attempts at 16 per game it will be the lowest of all time in NBA history.

The Magic are allowing opponents 99 points per game on average. This may be ok against a losing team but against the Knicks its a lost before you begin the game. The New York Knicks will take those 99 points and tack on more points just to make sure they win in style.

New York Knicks (27-15) has lost more games than the Magic has won. Just looking at those stats alone you can tell the Knicks is going to win this game. However, the Knicks have only won 5 of their last 10 games, including the win over the Atlanta Hawks, and that was only by 2 points. The Knicks may have been managing to win their games but they have been struggling to do so.

The key players for New York Knicks to win this game will be J.R. Smith getting defensive rebounds, getting to the foul line, and scoring over 10 points. Carmelo Anthony has to watch those turnovers, get defensive rebounds, take the open jumpers, and get to the foul line for the easy points. Amar’e Stoudemire needs to attack the basket, get as many easy dunks and put backs as he can.

Last but not least Steve Novak needs to get hot and get hot early. He is 3rd in the NBA for 3 point percentage. If he finds his zone the Magic will have no chance of stopping him from dropping 3-pointer after 3 pointer. So as long as the New York Knicks don’t take this game too lightly given the Orlando Magic is a losing team this season, the Knicks should win this game no problem.

Magic vs New York Knicks Odds

  • Orlando Magic: +9 (-110) point spread & +400 money line
  • New York Knicks: -9 (-110) point spread & -495 money line

In this game, I would most likely go with the money line since the point spread is by 9 points. Last time I went with a large point spread was by 11 points and the team won by 5 points. Not taking that chance with this game. So my pick is the New York Knicks with the money line at BetOnline.

My Pick: New York Knicks

Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks Final Score

  • Orlando Magic: 97
  • New York Knicks: 113
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