Pocket Rockets Casino Review


Site Name: Pocket Rockets Casino
Network: Independent
Bonus: ฿5
Bonus Code: USE LINKS
US Players Accepted: Yes

What Is Bitcoin? (Video)

Where To Buy Bitcoin?

Use on of the methods above to buy bitcoins, I highly recommend coinbase because its the most user friendly. However, I also recommend bookmarking this page to read over the information again.

1 bitcoin equals 10,000 chips on Pocket Rockets Casino poker site. It doesn’t matter the value of Bitcoin, the vaule can go up or down and ฿1 will still equal 10,000 chips on Pocket Rockets Casino poker site.

For example, let’s say you bought 5 Bitcoins at $100 each and you deposited them into PRC poker site and you won 20 Bitcoins. You want withdraw ฿10 and keep the rest of the bitcoins you have on the PRC poker site. You would withdraw 100,000 chips and keep the rest of your chips in your account. However, the value of Bitcoins has gone up to $300 each. It doesn’t matter you will still receive your ฿10 Bitcoins into your bitcoin wallet.

Pocket Rockets Casino Deposit Bonus

Pocket Rockets Casino offers a 100% deposit bonus up to ฿5. To qualify for the deposit bonus you must make a minimum deposit of 0.5 Bitcoins within 90 days of signing up to Pocket Rockets Casino.

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