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UKASH is a popular pre-paid card service that allows you to use your banknotes or coins to purchase a voucher and use it for getting funds online. The whole process is really simple and allows you to have cash online within a couple of minutes. This payment solution is also accepted by most major gambling sites, thus being a perfect fit for those interested in these services.

Gambling Sites That Accept Ukash Deposits

Quick Facts about UKASH

  • Company is fully licensed & regulated by FSA in 6 continents
  • Operates using a patented technology
  • Available for use worldwide
  • Vouchers in the amount between $10 – $100 available

Process of purchasing and using UKASH can be described in a few easy steps:

  1. Find a nearest store, which offers UKASH vouchers at their homepage. Visit it and buy a voucher for the amount you desire – there are no hidden charges and you’ll get one for the exact same amount you paid to receive it.
  2. Look for a gambling site or merchant that accepts UKASH as a payment method. It’s really popular so you shouldn’t have a problem with this one.
  3. Choose to use this method and enter the 19 digit voucher code, which can be found on it. That’s it, if you’ve done it correctly funds will instantly appear in your account or if you’ve bought something, confirmation screen should appear now.

UKASH is a perfect solution for those looking to gamble for real money, but without a sound method to fund their accounts. You’ll be able to deposit up to $100 from each voucher used. There also is a fair bit of benefits for using exactly this method:

  • Availability – purchase at stores/malls/gas stations worldwide. The process couldn’t be simpler and you can pay for it using coins!
  • As UKASH has gained quite a bit of popularity, it’s now accepted by operators worldwide, at least all the major ones. Finding a place to enjoy your favourite games won’t be a problem when using this banking solution.
  • Most deposit methods require registration and input of personal data, this requires NOTHING. It provides complete anonymity and you won’t have to share any information.
  • Available in amounts of between $10-$100, meaning it suits both, those looking to deposit small and also those looking to deposit more. You can buy several vouchers, so there’s no limit to the deposit amount.

There, however, are a couple of downsides for using this prepaid card solution:

  • You won’t be able to make withdrawals using it. It can only be used for deposits, so you’ll have to find an alternate method to receive cash-outs.
  • It can be rather hard to find a place to purchase one, if you don’t live in a decently sized city or central European country.

To sum it up, UKASH is great for those looking to deposit small amount of money or purchase something online in a timely manner. If you’re looking to make constant deposits and withdrawals for large amounts, there are better methods out there for you.

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