5 Beginner Tips To Video Poker

To win at Video Poker you first have to understand that this is a game of luck mix with a game of skill. The skill part of video poker is to understand how to play five-card draw poker. You have to understand that you are playing against a machine so this is a game of luck. If you’re going to win playing video poker you have to avoid the basic mistakes and come up with a strategy that you know and stick to no matter what. Here is a list of 5 beginner tips to play online casinos video poker.

1. Only Play At Full Pay Machines

If you’re going to play video poker always check the payout structure before playing. Most online casinos have a payout of 9 coins for a full house, 6 coins for a flush if you only bet one coin while playing Jacks or Better video poker game. If the online casino, you’re at offer less than 9/6 payout pick another online casino because you will win less money playing video poker at that online casino.

2. Always Play Max Coins

Beginner video poker players make the mistake of only playing the minimum bet allowed or just few coins. You don’t want to do this it will not keep you in the game longer. Always play with the max bet allowed. The royal flush payout is higher when you play with the max bet. If you’re worried about losing your bankroll too quickly, you should play at a lower stakes. Playing at a lower stakes will allow you to play longer while playing the max bet every hand on the video poker machine.

3. Plan How Much You’re Willing To Lose –And Stick To It.

The best thing to do for you and your bankroll is to set an amount you’re willing to lose for the day. Video Poker beginners always think if they just add more money and keep playing sooner or later they will start winning. This is not the case, sometimes you can’t lose and other times you can’t win. Video Poker is mostly base on luck. If you’re lucky one day you will win a lot, on the other hand if you’re not lucky that day you will lose so having a set amount will save you a lot of money.

4. Take Your Time

Man vs Machine is what the Video Poker game is all about. You don’t have a time limit like when you’re playing poker against other people. You can take your time, review each of your hands, and push the draw button whenever you’re ready to.

5. Take advantage of the “Play for Free” Games

If you’re a beginner then take 5 to 10 minutes and take advantage of the play for free feature most online casinos offer before you make a deposit. I recommend just using this time to come up with a strategy that you know you will be able to stick with and don’t forget tips 3 and 4 when you start playing video poker for real money.


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