Monopoly Slots Machine Review

Monopoly is one of the best selling board games worldwide. Now this popular game is available in the form online slots as well. Monopoly slots are not new. Land based casinos have been offering these slots for over ten years.

Monopoly slots were created for the first time by IGT (International Gaming Technology), a company known for developing gaming machines based on famous board games and television game shows. Other popular Hollywood and board game based slot machines offered by IGT include Wheel of Fortune, Star Wars, Sex and the City, Megabucks, Elvis and many more. The success of IGT’s Monopoly slot machines is probably the main reason for the creation of the online form of the game.

Where To Play Monopoly Slots Online

The best online casino site to play Monopoly slot machine is Sky Vegas.

Online Version of Monopoly Slots

Today Monopoly slots are one of the most popular slot machines across offline gaming establishments. These one of a kind slots are loaded with excellent graphics, cool sound effects and a number of bonus features making them hard to resist. Wagerworks Entertainment casinos (which offer great slots bonusoffers) have recently started offering a licensed online version of these popular slot machines.

You will find online monopoly slots just as fun as those at brick and mortar casinos. The online slots also offer high frequency bonus hits, superior quality graphics and life-like sound effects to provide real life gaming experience to players in the comfort of their own homes.

Online Monopoly slots are available in both flash and download versions. The no-download or flash version allows you to start the play instantly in your browser, without any need to wait for a download. Downloading will provide access to all the features offered by the game. You can play online Monopoly slots for real money or just for fun. Free play is the best way to get a feel of the game before making a real money investment.

Special Bonus Features in Online Monopoly Slots

Pass Go Bonus: If you wager on a pay line and manage to get three bonus dice symbols, you will earn a Pass Go Bonus. Once you get the bonus, you will have to choose one of the three given bonus dice symbols. Your choice will determine the number of dice rolls you get in the bonus round.

Once bonus round is activated, Monopoly board game in its original form will appear. In this round, you can select a player of your choice and the banker will roll the dice. As you move on the board, you will get chances to win additional credits. In the bonus round, landing on ‘Go’ will give you a free roll.

Just like the original Monopoly board game offers a chance to get some extra cash when you land on free parking spots, the bonus round also offer free parking bonuses. The free parking symbols are featured in three different colors. You can win fabulous parking prizes by landing on these symbols or lining them in the right combination. Similarly, landing on ‘Jail’ or ‘Chance’ will also offer some benefit or bonus.

Community Chest Instant Bonus: To earn a community chest instant bonus, you need to land three instant bonus symbols in line. The symbol you click on will decide how much multiplier bonus you get. The instant bonus amount can be estimated by multiplying your multiplier bonus value with your total bet.

Varieties of Online Monopoly Slots

Monopoly Pass Go Bonus Slot: Monopoly Pass Go Bonus is a slot featuring nine pay lines and five reels. It offers a mix of exciting gaming action and two incredible bonus features. This extremely easy to play slot game offers excellent payouts. To take advantage of the Pass Go Bonus board, you need to land there spinning dice symbols in a line. The bonus board is a treasure trove featuring Free Parking, Chance, Property Deeds, Jail and Go, which can together add up to a considerable amount.

Monopoly Here and Now Slot: Property development is an important aspect of the original Monopoly board game. Monopoly Here and Now slot focuses on this aspect of the game. This 20 pay line slot gives you an opportunity to win property deeds to acquire hotels and apartments at locations like Saville Row, Kensington Palace Gardens and Hammersmith. The game is loaded with exciting bonuses. You can get the top bonus jackpot worth 25000 credits just by landing on one of the free parking spots. Various new game piece options offered by it include cheeseburger, phone, roller blade and many more.

Monopoly Mega Jackpot Slot: If you dream of becoming a millionaire without too much hard work, Monopoly Mega Jackpot slot is just what you need. These slots allow you to win big. Although similar to Monopoly Pass Go Bonus slot, Monopoly Mega Jackpot is a progressive slot. It is often played on a number of different gaming websites sharing a network.

Monopoly Multiplier Slot: Although not as popular as earlier, Monopoly Multiplier slots can still be found in a number of online as well as land-based bingo halls and casinos. This three reel slot game combines various popular icons of the game with attractive payouts. Getting the same symbol on each reel’s center position will offer access to a bonus multiplier round in which the original prize can be increased by as much as 25 times. With over twenty-seven ways to win, it is no wonder that Monopoly Multiplier slot is still popular.

Online Monopoly Slots Strategy

Monopoly slots can be played just like other regular slots. The popular machine features five reels and twenty pay line slots. The starting wagers can be as low as $0.05. It is possible to wager maximum five credits for every line. Similar to other online slot machines, online Monopoly slots also run on a RNG (random number generator). This makes it almost impossible to improve the chances of a win with strategies. Still there are a few things you can do to get better returns.

Monopoly slot wins can be maximized by placing higher bets on all spins as certain bonuses are available exclusively to players placing max bets. Moreover, placing higher wagers can help you get higher payouts when you land on certain properties.

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