Mobile Gaming The Future Of Online Gambling

Smartphone Mobile GamblingIt’s been the case over the last few years that many more people have been turning to mobile versions of their favourite casino or other gambling games to enjoy all its fun and excitement. To give you an idea of how much this number is growing year on year. Last month it was reported that the number had risen 600% the previous year, and that this trend was set to continue and increase.

This figure of 600% is very representative of the whole gambling industry as a whole, as more and more people acquire smart phones, the demand for mobile versions of sites and games is set to increase dramatically. It is no surprise in this case that there are now a host of new UK mobile casino sites cropping up. An example of such called Fortune Frenzy came out last week. There are a lot of advantages to playing on these new sites now. Due to the fact that the majority of these sites are new, and people are still getting used to the idea of playing casino related games on their mobiles, there are often some very good free money offers available with your initial registration. I don’t think there’s anyone that can complain with a bit of free money. In fact if you registered with Fortune Frenzy now you would get £5 free to play as you wish.

The other great thing about these new games is that you can play them virtually anywhere. Provided you have a supported mobile device (and signal of course), you can access these games at anytime. You no longer have to go to a casino to play roulette or wait till you get back to your desktop to play your favourite slots. It’s a great way to pass the time on your daily commute, or during or whenever you have some spare time. All you need is your Smartphone, and you’re in! Although for the most part you probably don’t even need a Smartphone to play these games, provided you have a mobile phone with WAP enabled you should be able to access the majority of these sites. Just make sure you have a data plan with your mobile service provider, otherwise you could find yourself in for a nasty shock!

The other great feature is that these mobile casinos are very secure when it comes to your finances. All these companies use the latest encryption technology to make sure that your accounts are secure. Furthermore it is often the case that before you can start wagering you must enter a specific username and password combination before you can begin. It is a very welcome security process especially considering that it is often quite easy to misplace or lose ones phone.

Due to all these advantages it is no wonder that the popularity of mobile gaming has increased so dramatically over the past few years. This trend is surely set to continue at an exponential rate, and with the continued improvement of mobile technology, we are sure to see some interesting developments in the years to come.


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