Minimum Deposit Gambling is staffed by a team of remote-working contractors across North America and Europe. You will find information about each of our writers and what they write for us below. Also, by clicking on their names you will see all the articles published by them on our website. Founders

Founder/CEO: Deneil Merritt

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Founder/CEO Deneil “MrDeposit” Merritt of, a professional writer and internet marketer since 2008, sports bettor/tipsters since 2012. MrDeposit personally watch almost every type of sport on earth. However, his main passion is hockey, football, and basketball as well as soccer. His favorite teams are L.A. Lakers (NBA), Seattle Seahawks (NFL), Boston Bruins (NHL), and Arsenal (English Premier League). You will notice he only gives away tips on NHL, NFL, & NBA and this is because he feels he needs more stats on the premier league. Keep an eye out for his soccer tips, they will come from time to time.

Founder/CEO: Alisha Ivory

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Founder/CEO Alisha Ivory of, a professional writer, bingo player, and huge Miami Heat (NBA) sports fan. Ms. Ivory has been writing for MDG since 2013 and currently working on writing a book (non-gambling related). Contributors

Contributor: Billy

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Billy has advanced writing skills and a huge sports fan of most major sports in the USA such as NFL and NCAA Football, NBA and NCAA Basketball, MLB and NCAA Baseball, and NHL Hockey. He mainly watches NHL and MLB. This is why Billy is our go to expert in Hockey and Baseball.

Contributor: Jeff Smith

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Jeff is a professional writer and a huge sports fan who grew up as a Dallas Cowboys fan. His favorite sports teams are Dallas Cowboys, L.A. Lakers, and Charlotte Bobcats. He focuses on NFL and NCAA Football as well as NBA and NCAA Basketball. Also, a very skilled poker tournament player. That’s why he is our go to expert in football and basketball.

Contributor: Adam Mcenroe

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Adam is a professional writer who specialize in writing about Football (Soccer). His favorite football league is the English Premier League and his favorite team in the EPL is Liverpool. Adam is our Soccer expert and everything written about Soccer on our website mainly comes from Adam. This is why he is our go to expert in soccer.

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